Pretty Woman

When it comes to romantic comedies, there’s a whole cult of followers that worship Julia Roberts. I mean, why wouldn’t you hail Julia Roberts as the Queen of romantic comedy? She has by far been in some of the most iconic romantic films of all time, including but not limited to films like Runaway Bride, Notting Hill, Erin Brockovich, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Something To Talk About, America’s Sweethearts, and of course; Pretty Woman.

This is a film that upon release, shook the entire world of the romantic comedy genre. It’s a hearty film, full of chock full of comedy, romance, and a ton of emotions to melt away your heart. Let’s talk more about why Pretty Woman is such an iconic film!

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The Movie Review

Starring iconic actors such as Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the lead roles; Pretty Woman is the story of a free-spirited Hollywood prostitute who falls in love with a financially rich yet mentally drained man. After being broken up with, Edward Lewis, a high-powered corporate raider ends up encountering a prostitute named Vivian Ward in Hollywood’s red-light district. For some reason, after a brief conversation and a drive; Edward hires Vivian.

After feeling quite comfortable with her, Edward hires Vivian to pretend to be his girlfriend at a series of business events. The story takes off from there, as feelings begin to arise and so do complications. Will their class difference completely nullify their feelings or will their feelings persevere and change their life forever? The film is directed by Gary Marshall, whose presence in the romantic comedy genre has been long-standing. He directs the film with a ton of heart, making a pretty unique film out of a plot that shouldn’t really be that unique.

The film is paced really well, with a ton of romance, a chunk full of comedy, and even some beautifully timed somber moments in between. The most important aspect of this film overall is the comedy though, and that comedy lands for the most part. The level of humor in this film is definitely something to aim for when making a romantic comedy, it’s light-hearted, dreamy, and hilarious!

Pretty Woman wouldn’t be at the height of such iconic admiration if it wasn’t for its wonderful cast of characters, and the cast of stars who played these characters. Julia Roberts’ portrayal of the free-spirited, somewhat quirky, and super awkward prostitute Vivian Ward is adorable. Her character is a person who is extremely wise beyond her looks and attitude, and Julia Roberts highlights that aspect of the film in all ways.

Not to mention, Richard Gere is just a powerhouse, no matter what role you throw onto him. He fits the corporate look of Edward Lewis, and he plays the part with a quiet versatility that we all expect from an actor as praiseworthy as him.

The film also has a pretty decent production quality, with the set design being lavish and luxurious as well as gorgeous to look at. The dresses and the clothing within the film definitely immerse you into the world of the elite Americans, and Julia Roberts’ character, being as awkward as she is, stands out amongst all else. The soundtrack is also really nice, with some really good piano tunes as well as really good jazzy tunes to accompany them. The songs featured within the film feel handpicked for the vibe this film omits, and they are definitely tunes that fit each moment.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Pretty Woman is one of the most iconic romantic comedy films because it is just that good. Though the film’s direction makes up for it, the script is actually quite mundane and doesn’t have anything new to bring to the table. It’s a film that has a strict focus on its characters and the interactions between them.

The chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere pushes the boundaries of what romance can look like when accompanied by comedy, and makes for an exciting adventure that two completely different people go through. It’s a masterful romantic comedy, which is always fun for a light-hearted evening with your loved one.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman is a romantic comedy with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts as two main characters. Download it now and get this classic under your belt.
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