Pulp Fiction

The 90s era is known to be a crest time for the Hollywood film industry. Looking back in time, the industry put forward some phenomenal films in the late 90s and early 2000s. Amidst the many films released in that period was the prodigious Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction which gained colossal commendation from critics and fans.

The film’s affinity grew briskly and even after 27 years of its release; fans consider the film to be one of the finest films produced and aired in the industry.

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The Movie Review

Cast and Crew

The film is written and produced by Quentin Tarantino who is acknowledged as one the most scintillating producer of the Hollywood film industry.

Tarantino’s films always exceptionally aroused people, his approach to making films in a manner of dark humor and visualizing aesthetics of violence made fans fall in love with his films. And throughout the time his work has made its way of becoming one of the most favored in the whole world. Tarantino worked alongside Lawrence Bender who was the director of the film.

Tarantino’s ardor is half the reason that the film gained its recognition, companion to this was the casting of the film which made people interested even more so. The major cast for the film included the distinguished John Travolta, who wondrously performed his character and was immensely cherished in his role.

Sharing the screen with him was the glorious Samuel L. Jackson who was freshly forging his career at that time, and he made one of the most dazzling performances of his entire career on which the fans started to cling to his appearance.

Uma Thurman also performed in the film and rose to become an eminent international actress after her performance in the film when she was nominated for multiple high honored awards. Other performers of the film included Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken, Harvey Keitel, and several others.


Similar to most Tarantino films, the film’s narrative is described in chronological order and it mostly includes monologues and runs with 3 different stories. The film’s prologue starts with a diner scene which portrays an affectionate couple in a diner who monologues.

The film then connects to the next story which is named “Vincent Vega And Marcellus Wallace’s wife” the protagonist for the part Vincent Vega is portrayed by John Travolta and Marcellus Wallace’s wife Mia, that is performed by Uma Thurman.

The part includes the scene where Vincent Vega and his partner Jules Winnfield played by Samuel L. Jackson visit an apartment to recover a briefcase for their boss Marcellus who is a gangster.

After the recovery from Marcellus’s business partner Brett, Jules shoots one of Brett’s accomplices and implies through reciting some bible passages about Brett’s intention of double-crossing Marcellus, and ends up shooting Brett and his other companions.

The next sequence of the movie includes Vincent and Mia accompanying each other. While throughout their dialogues it is hinted that Mia has intentions towards Vincent but he is resisting. The part leads to a scene where Mia finds cocaine from Vincent’s coat and ends up overdosing on it, Vincent blitz her to his friend lance where they revive her by injecting Adrenaline into her heart.

The other parts of the film relate to Butch played by “Bruce Willis” who also relates to Marcellus where he double-crosses him and tends to flee with his girlfriend when he remembers that his girlfriend forgot to pack a gold watch in search of that watch he goes back to his apartment where Vincent is already waiting for him.

Butch ends up killing Vincent and while departing he crosses paths with Marcellus where they involve in a shootout and it precedes other incidents.

While the synopsis of the film might be completely unrelated and jumbled the film visually links every part to the other of the film.


Summing up, Pulp Fiction is the ninety’s at their most potent. The film feeds on the bizarre, the violent and the sexual and provides us a unique story that follows an array of exhilarating events.

Tarantino’s quip-based direction works flawlessly in tandem with the dark humor, which instantly made this film a classic in my book.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction is a famous 1994 crime comedy by Quentin Tarantino. Download it now and have a quality time watching it.
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