Rally Road Racers

Cute, charming, and fun are the best words to describe Rally Road Racers! Written and directed by Ross Venokur who may not have a string of huge hits to his name, Rally Road Racers I feel could be just the movie to get his name out there. They are trying to piggyback this on it being from one of the producers of Shrek, but sadly, this movie looks like it may struggle to find an audience.

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I say that because here in the UK, it is very hard to find a cinema that is actually showing this movie! Hopefully, it will hit its stride when it comes to streaming as this really is one of the most charming family movies I have seen in a while. It is the kind of movie that at its core is a kid’s movie, but it is one that the whole family can enjoy.

I was impressed with the very talented cast that they managed to get for this movie. Our main character is a little loris (I did not even know that this is what these animals were called!) whose name is Zhi. Zhi is voiced by Jimmy O. Yang who is one of those actors that I tend to enjoy in most things he is in.

As well as him, Rally Road Racers also features John Cleese as his rival, Archie Vainglorious, J.K Simmons as Gnash who serves as his mentor, and Chloe Bennet as the “love interest” Shelby. It is a really fun cast and they do a wonderful job bringing these creatures to life.

The plot of the movie is fun and something that is easy for kids to get on board with. Zhi lives with his grandmother and they are about to lose their house. Zhi’s hero is race car driver Archie Vainglorious and Zhi who fancies himself as a driver too, challenges him in the upcoming Silk Road Rally! If he wins, they will be able to keep their home!

Zhi’s grandmother and his friend Shelby try and push him in the right direction, but I found Zhi to be a lovely character and one that is very liable. Of course, Zhi will need some help so he is trained by the gruff and awesome Gnash who is an expert on racing and all things to do with speed.

Look, the plot of this movie is not going to win any awards for originality that is for sure. However, it has some great messages for kids such as working together, making amends, and the importance of family and being there for others. While it is cute and has a lot of heart.

Rally Road Racers also has some awesome action too! Kids will be pumped by the racing action here and the bright and colorful visuals make this a real treat for the eyes. I loved the scene that had a very cool “Take on Me” effect to it so there is some fun stuff here for the adults too.

When it comes to family movies, you can do way, way worse than this one! I just worry with the rather generic name and the lack of places showing it that it will fall through the cracks and many kids will miss out on this. Perhaps they would have been better striking up a deal with someone like Netflix or Amazon!

Rally Road Racers
Rally Road Racers is an animated film from 2023. Download it and now and see what one very nice loris was up to.
7.5 Total Score
Rally Road Racers Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I was very impressed with the voice cast they got for this movie
  • It looks great!
  • It has some fun racing action that is very exciting
  • The story did have a lot of charm and heart to it
  • While I liked the story, it was very predictable and about as cliché as they come!
  • I cannot see this doing well at the box office at all which is a real shame
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