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Disney started to make some pretty cool pre-teen and teen shows in the 90s and early 00s and Recess was one of the best. Recess: School’s Out is a movie that was released in 2001 and is a fun feature-length story that was a great deal of fun. I actually watched this recently for the first time in the better part of 20 years and thought that it was still fun.

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The Movie Review

The story of Recess in case you do not know is about a group of six friends. TJ is the leader of the group, but there is also Vince, Spinelli, Gretchen, Mikey, and Gus. It is a great core group and in the show, they deal with other kids, school politics, teachers, and the snitch of the school Randall! Man, I freaking hated Randall back in the day, actually, I still do!

Interestingly, Recess: School’s Out sees the kids have to get out of school as it takes palace during summer vacation! TJ is pretty devastated when he learns that the gang is all going to different summer camps! To make things even worse, TJ sees something weird happening at the school!

TJ ditches his camp and makes his way to where his friends are all during the summer and tries to get them to come back to the school to see the weird stuff going on. While they do not believe him at first, they soon realize that TJ was right and there is something pretty crazy going on here.

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Without going into too much detail and spoiling what is going down. Basically, there is a conspiracy afoot to make it so that not only will there be no more recess at school, but summer vacation will also no longer be a thing! Of course, the gang is having none of this and they set out on an adventure to save summer vacation!

I think that Disney really nailed this one. It can be tough to take a TV series and turn it into a full-length movie, but Recess: School’s Out is a great example of how to do it. This feels like it could have been a special episode that was aired in two parts on the Disney Channel and that is meant as a massive compliment.

Disney managed to keep the soul and personality of the show. However, it has a noticeable upgrade in the visuals, it looks much sharper and features better animation and much fancier effects as well. I like how it keeps the same style as the show, but you can tell it clearly had a much higher budget

I think that Recess: School’s Out is a fantastic movie! This is a ton of fun if you are familiar with the show and it fits in with the overall story of the show very well. However, even if you knew nothing about Recess, you would be able to watch this and have a great time also as the characters and the story being told here are a great deal of fun.

Recess: School's Out
Recess: School's Out is a Disney animated film that is based on the six-seasons long TV series called Recess. Download it now and see what T.J. Detweiler and his friends are up to.
8.5 Total Score
Recess: School's Out Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I love how it feels like an extended episode of the show
  • It looks way better than the TV show
  • They manage to keep the spirit and personality of the show
  • Even if you are not all that familiar with the show, this is still a fun movie to watch
  • It perhaps could have lasted a bit longer
  • It could have been fun to see a bit more of the kids at camp
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