Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is a movie from 2000 that was brought to us by Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer. The story is based on a true story, although many liberties were taken with the story. Still, even with the changes to the story to make it more “dramatic”, it is a fantastic and inspiring tale, great for people of all ages.

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The movie is set in Virginia in 1971, a time when racism was still a massive issue. There have been some changes in the school district and as a result, T.C Williams High School is now an integrated high school. This does not exactly go down well and things get even more strained due to the high school football team.

The team is coached by Bill Yoast (Will Patton) who is a white coach and a damn fine one. He does not consider himself racists, but when Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) is promoted to head coach over him, Bill’s world is turned upside down. He initially quits his position as he does not want to be an assistant coach.

However, the white players say they will not play unless he stays so he decides to stay on for the good of the players. The racial tension between the white and black players is done very well. Eventually, they do bond and become teammates, friends, and look out for each other in quite an uplifting way.

The relationship between Boone and Yoast is handled very well in this movie and the two of them form quite the team. The actual football in the movie is very exciting, as is the training the guys do as well. I tell you if all football games were as exciting as this, I would probably watch it way more.

I have seen many sports movies and I would probably put Remember the Titans on my top ten list. It is a fantastic story and while I am not 100 percent sure how historically accurate it is. The story they do tell is one that manages to be inspiring, hard to watch, and also fun in places too.

I remember watching this soon after it came out and was impressed by it back then. I recently watched it with my son who is 12 (it is on Disney Plus) and he loved it. It is a good movie to watch with kids if you want something that is going to show them people dealing with racism.

While the message the movie has is one that I feel is very uplifting. I do also think that as a sports movie it excels as well. It truly is a movie that the whole family can enjoy. It is also a great performance from Denzell Washington and it may very well be one of the movies that really made his star start to rise.

Remember the Titans
Remember the Titans is a biographical sports movie. Download it now and follow the story of American high school football coach Herman Boone.
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