Run Hide Fight

I had heard Run Hide Fight be described as Die Hard in a school and I thought that sounded pretty interesting. However, I have to say the idea of an action movie being about a high school shooting is kind of uncomfortable to watch. Some people have called it “tasteless” and I can see why with the way things are in the USA, people would say that.

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Run Hide Fight – the Movie Review

The main character of the movie is a high school student called Zoe. Zoe is trying to get over the death of her mother and deal with the rather strained relationship that she has with her father. On what feels like a normal day, she is about to be asked out by a guy she likes, but something gets spilled on her and she has to run to the bathroom.

This one event leads to her being the hero of the movie! You see, Tristan who also went to the high school crashes into the place with a group of his friends and they start opening fire on students. This is no random shooting either, they have planned this with military-like precision and it is kind of hard to believe if I am being honest with you.

It is the motivations of these killers that, I think is, what ruins the movie. It seems like they are going to go the “got bullied and now looking for revenge” thing, but instead it is just about Tristan getting famous! I have to say the whole motivation behind their siege really did suck and spoil the story for me.

Oh, we have to get back to Zoe.

Zoe is the one who stands up against these people and is trying to help students escape the siege. I think that Zoe is an interesting character, but the way she becomes John McClane is kind of hard to take. This is an all-out action movie and it does have some good action scenes.

I think that if you took this plot and put it in an office or perhaps even a college instead of a high school, it would have been better for it. I just think that the characters are very hard to relate to and believe here and the whole high school shooting siege feels like it is not something that should be used as the plot for an action movie.

The whole thing is very predictable and the ending is just so strange and again paints Zoe, this high school student as some kind of badass Mel Gibson in Payback type character! To be fair to the actors, none of them are doing a bad job and there are some actors in this movie that I am a fan of, I just feel that they did not have the best material to work with.

I am a huge action movie fan and going into this I thought it was going to be something like Die Hard or Assault on Precinct 13. However, what we have is a movie that is hard to watch because the subject of high school shootings is very raw. There are far better action and siege-style movies out there than this one!

Run Hide Fight
Run Hide Fight is a thriller movie from 2020 that tells about how a high school was a target of school shooters. Download it now.
3 Total Score
Run Hide Fight Review Summary

  • I think if treated right, the premise could have been good
  • None of the actors do a bad job to be fair
  • It does have Thomas Jane in it who I am a fan of
  • Treat Williams plays the sheriff and that is kind of cool
  • The story and the characters are not good at all
  • I think that making a high school shooting action movie is in pretty poor taste
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