Rush Hour

Buddy cop films, which feature a comedic partnership between two contrasting police officers, have been a popular sub-genre of action films for several decades. One of the most notable examples of this sub-genre is the Lethal Weapon series, which began in 1987 and popularized the concept of the odd-couple duo of cops. However, as the years went on, the sub-genre began to decline in popularity and quality.

This changed in 1998 with the release of Rush Hour, which revitalized the buddy cop film genre and was a box office success.

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The Movie Review

Lee is a bodyguard and a buddy to the Chinese ambassador, and a babysitter to the Chinese ambassador’s daughter, Soo Yong. But when they jet off to the United States, little miss Soo Yong gets kidnapped by some bad eggs from the Chinese Consulate.

They want a ransom of 50 million dollars, but the ambassador thinks Lee should handle it. So he sends for him, but the F.B.I. thinks otherwise. So they hire the L.A.P.D’s resident screw-up, James Carter, to keep an eye on Lee. So, when the fastest hands in the East meet the fastest mouth in the West, they gotta put their differences aside and work together like a well-oiled machine to get Soo Yong back.

Despite the fact that I don’t usually find slapstick to be particularly funny, I found myself consistently laughing throughout the film. The film does a great job of incorporating the humor into the action sequences, with Jackie Chan’s physical comedy being a standout feature.

His acrobatic stunts and stunts involving everyday objects like a ladder and a refrigerator are not only impressive but also genuinely funny. Chris Tucker also delivers some good comedic dialogue and his banter with Jackie Chan is enjoyable, but Jackie Chan’s physical comedy was definitely the funniest aspect of the film.

It’s a testament to the film’s ability to blend action and comedy seamlessly which makes it an enjoyable and entertaining watch.

I adore the on-screen chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. The two actors have a great dynamic, playing off each other’s dialogue with ease.

Their comedic timing is spot-on, and they have a natural chemistry that makes their scenes together very enjoyable to watch. Jackie Chan’s physical comedy and stunts are a highlight of the film, and Chris Tucker’s fast-talking, motor-mouthed character plays off of Jackie Chan’s more reserved and straight-faced character perfectly.

Their characters have opposite personalities, but they complement each other well and their interactions on screen are often hilarious. Their banter and comedic exchanges are some of the best moments in the film and they are able to make even the most mundane dialogue funny. They have consistently great comedic chemistry.

Aside from the comedy and action elements, Rush Hour is a pretty bland film in every other aspect. The story, which follows two unlikely partners working together to solve a kidnapping case, is decent enough to keep you engaged until the end, but it lacks any real depth or complexity.

The plot is straightforward and predictable, and the characters are one-dimensional. It doesn’t have any unique twists or turns that make it stand out as a particularly noteworthy film in terms of its storyline.

The Visuals

The cinematography in the film is also quite bland, with muted colors and uninspired shots that don’t add much to the overall visual experience. The camera work is functional, but it doesn’t have any artistic flourishes or unique stylistic elements that could have elevated the film. The film lacks a distinct visual style, and the shots are often generic and forgettable.

The Music

Additionally, the musical score in the film is quite loud and obnoxious, it can be quite distracting and detract from the overall viewing experience. The music is often overbearing and fails to enhance the emotional content of the scenes. It’s not something that adds to the film, but rather it takes away from it. The score is often overpowering and doesn’t blend well with the on-screen action, making it feel out of place.


If you’re in the mood for some action and laughs, Rush Hour is the movie for you. The dynamic duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker kill it on screen with their comedic timing and chemistry.

The blend of action and comedy is seamless, making for an enjoyable and entertaining watch. But let’s be real, the film is pretty average in every other aspect.

The story is decent but lacks depth or complexity, the cinematography is uninspired and the musical score is quite loud and obnoxious and detracts from the overall viewing experience. It’s not a film that’ll blow your mind, but the comedy, action, and chemistry between the main characters make it a pretty solid pick for a fun time.

Rush Hour
Rush Hour is a buddy cop comedy film from 1998. Download it now and see what difficult task the two protagonists are up to.
5.5 Total Score
Rush Hour Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Comedy and action elements are well-done and enjoyable, they blend together well seamlessly
  • Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have great on-screen chemistry and comedic timing
  • The story lacks depth or complexity but it still is quite fun
  • The action choreography is really well done
  • The cinematography is uninspired and bland
  • Musical score is loud and obnoxious
  • The film doesn't have any elements that make it stand out as particularly noteworthy
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