See How They Run

If you want to watch a charming “whodunit” kind of movie, you can do a heck of a lot worse than See How They Run. I actually ended up checking this out on the recommendation of my grandmother, a person who I do not think I have ever watched a movie based on a recommendation of in my life! Still, I am glad that I decided to check this one out while it was on at my theatre as it was a fun time.

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The Movie Review

The movie takes place in London in 1953 (probably why my grandmother got such a kick out of it) and the setting is actually a huge part of the style and charm the movie has. Agatha Christies, The Mousetrap is reaching a special milestone of 100 performances, and American movie director, Leo Kopernick is trying to snatch up the rights to turn it into a movie.

Kopernick is played by Adrien Brody (check him out in The French Dispatch as Julien Cadazio) and you can tell that he is having an absolute blast in this role, we do actually get to see him quite frequently in flashbacks. Well, Kopernick is a really brutal and not nice kind of person to be around and he ends up murdered! I will say that the whole whodunit aspect of See How They Run is kind of predictable and I would say about halfway through the movie you will probably be sure you know who the killer is.

The man given the task of finding out who the killer is Inspector Stoppard who is played by the very talented Sam Rockwell (check him out in Iron Man 2 as Justin Hammer). Inspector Stoppard is instructed to solve this case as quickly as possible so he is given someone to help him, Constable Stalker who is played by the loveable and charming Saoirse Ronan (she is Josephine “Jo” March from the 2019 Little Women).

By far the best thing about this movie is Constable Stalker. The movie is funny in general, but her delivery and the chemistry she has not just with Inspector Stoppard, but with any character she is on the screen with is fantastic. In regards to the overall humor of the movie, I think for the most part it gets it right.

However, the whole movie has a kind of not taking itself too seriously vibe which I love, but I think they should have leaned a little more into this if I am being honest. While it can be very silly, I think there was room to push this even more and I actually think that it would have let Stoppard and Stalker shine even more than they already do.

With a cool and stylish setting and a rather amusing plot, See How They Run is a movie that does have a fair bit of charm about it. I am not sure this is a movie I would watch again, especially given that you figure out who the killer is rather early on. Still, as a one-and-done kind of movie, it is not bad at all and something you may get a chuckle out of.

See How They Run
See How They Run is a mystery comedy film from 2022 that is set in London in the 1950s. Download it and have fun watching.
7.5 Total Score
See How They Run Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Inspector Stoppard and Constable Stalker are a lot of fun
  • I enjoyed the 1950s London theatre setting
  • There are some silly gags that will make you laugh
  • I liked how the movie did not take itself seriously and was just about having fun
  • You do figure out who the killer is way too early
  • I liked the silliness and the weirdness and wish they went a bit further with it
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