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The Shaun the Sheep Movie is a 2015 British animated movie that is part of the Wallace and Gromit universe. Nick Park from what I understand actually had very little to do with this movie. At a glance, this looks like a silly movie for kids, but like the majority of the other stuff set in the Wallace and Gromit world, the Shaun the Sheep Movie is just as much fun for adults as it is kids.

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The movie takes Shaun the mischievous sheep who lives on the farm with his flock completely out of his comfort zone. Bored, Shaun decides to mess with The Farmer and this leads to him ending up in the city with amnesia. At first, things are great, there are no rules on the farm, but Shaun soon learns that is not as great as it first seemed and wants to get The Farmer back.

Shaun and his flock (along with Blitzer the dog from the farm) head into the city to try and get the farmer back. Things are complicated as The Farmer has become a celebrity hairstylist! Not only that, Shaun and his flock have run into an overzealous and crazy animal control worker called, Trumper who will stop at nothing to get the sheep!

The movie moves along at a brisk pace and like the animated series that Shaun is from he does not actually talk. Instead, the plot moves along for the most part visually, with the human characters filling things in here and there. This is great for a short or a TV show, but you may be wondering how it works for a movie. Well, it works exceptionally well!

I am sure there must have been (from the studio at least) a bit of temptation to give Shaun a voice. I for one am glad they did not, as the fact that the protagonist is silent adds to his charm and character. Shaun is such an expressive character and I would argue that his character actually grows a bit in this movie.

The stop motion animation is fantastic and at the time this movie was released, I would argue it was the best in the series. The contrast of the sheep being on the farm and then having to go to the city where they try and pretend to be human is very well done. The whole movie looks great and you just marvel at how hard it had to have been to make something like this.

The main voice roles are provided by John Sparkes who is The Farmer and absolutely hilarious in the movie. Omid Djalili is Trumper, the crazy animal control worker who is hell-bent on catching Shaun and his flock. The vocal performances do a great job in filling in bits of the story here and there.

I have seen this movie a couple of times now and had a great time on each viewing. I really do not think that they could have given Shaun a movie any better than they did with this. This is a great example of how you take a short or tv character and give them a movie. It is a ton of fun and the perfect movie for a family movie night.

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