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As I write this 2010’s Shrek Forever After is the last film in the Shrek franchise. This is one of the biggest animated movies of all time, but this fourth installment did not make as much as DreamWorks would have liked and so far, Shrek 5 is no closer to being made. With specials, video games, merch, and even a spin-off. Shrek is a series that appeals to kids and adults alike.

How to Stream or Download Shrek Forever After

You can stream it or you can download the movie from iTunes, you should also check out the preceding film Shrek the Third, which was released in 2007 and the spin-off Puss in Boots (2011).

The Movie Review

After nearly a decade you would think that things would be getting a bit boring. Well, that is kind of the approach that Shrek Forever After takes with its story. Shrek is now a family fan and it is starting to get to him. He kind of misses the day when he was a real ogre and people were actually scared of him instead of hassling him all the time.

It is kind of like Shrek is having a midlife crisis and it provides some awesome funny moments. It all gets a bit much for Shrek one day and he kind of freaks out and a troublesome new foe to the franchise, Rumpelstiltskin uses this to his advantage.

One of the things that I really loved about this movie and thought was quite clever was the way it tied into the very first Shrek movie. You see Rumpelstiltskin actually has some history with Shrek and Shrek is not even aware of it, but Rumpelstiltskin sees Shrek’s dislike of his current life as a way to get what he wants.

Basically, Rumpelstiltskin is a magical being and he has the ability to let Shrek live like a real Ogre for just one day. Shrek missing the old days jumps at this as he is unaware that it is a plan to erase him from existence. The movie is Shrek being in a parallel timeline where Fiona, Donkey and even Puss do not know who he is.

The movie does this very well and it is kind of like Shrek is James Stewart from It’s A Wonderful Life and he realizes he had a great life all along. I think that the writing in Shrek Forever After is a little bit smarter than it was in Shrek The Third and the movie does have a lot of heart.

The voice cast of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, and Antonio Banders all return. The big new addition to the cast is Walt Dohrn and he is the voice of the sinister and pretty crazy Rumpelstiltskin. As always, the voice acting is fantastic and they really do a wonderful job in bringing the characters to life.

I think that Shrek Forever After is a really fun movie. It makes for a very interesting story and actually, I would say I think that it is better than Shrek The Third. Hopefully, this is not the last we see of Shrek and the rest of the gang. I am not sure why this did not do as well at the box office, but maybe after a decade, people needed a little bit of a break from Shrek.

Shrek Forever After
Shrek Forever After is the fourth installment in the highly popular series of the 3D animated comedy movies. Download it now.
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