Sisu is one of the most badass World War II era action movies that I have ever seen! Brought to us by Finnish director, Jalmari Helander, it shows a part of World War II that is often ignored by other movies. If you like stuff like John Wick and Taken you are in for a real thrill ride with this movie.

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You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you’re in the market for World War II action movies, check out also our review of Inglorious Basterds.

The Movie Review

One of the things that I found most interesting about Sisu is the setting. We have all seen many movies set around World War II before, but this is the first one I have seen that is set in Finland. Taking place towards the end of the war in late 1944 during the Lapland War, the story starts by introducing us to our main character, Atami Korpi.

Atami lives on his own, only with his horse and dog to keep him company. He was a soldier, but after losing his family and everything, he lives out in the wilderness, panning for gold. On one of his panning expeditions, he comes literally strikes gold and comes across a large gold deposit, he loads up the gold and starts the trip to town to cash it in.

On his way to take this gold to the bank, he comes across a large Nazi platoon. This Nazi platoon is led by a rather evil and sadistic man called Bruno Helldorf. They take no interest in Atami, but a second platoon of Nazis that he come across does and this is where all hell breaks loose!

They discover that he has gold on him and try to take it, not realizing who they are messing with, Atami, dispatches of all them! The ruckus alerts Helldorf and his men so they go to check it out and this starts them hunting down Atami. Helldorf is an awesome villain and he is willing to do anything and sacrifice anyone to get to Atami.

We basically have a movie where Atami is trying to stay one step ahead of the Nazis and it is a very tense and awesome experience. Atami is such a badass and so much fun to watch, he is a man of very few words in this movie, but you can just tell by looking at him, he is the kind of man not to be messed with.

The actor who plays Atami, Jorma Tommila does a great job of bringing this character to life. As does, Askel Hennie who plays the evil Bruno Helldorf, I was familiar with his work as I remembered seeing him in The Cloverfield Paradox and The Martian. It is a relatively small cast as the movie is mainly about Atami trying to get away from Bruno.

I was so glad that I was able to check this out at the theatre. The wife and I have these Cineworld Unlimited cards and they are so awesome as it lets us see stuff like this that we would not normally go and see. If you want to see a cool, badass, and fun action movie in the theatre, I highly recommend you make the effort to go and see Sisu.

Sisu is an action movie set in the later 1994 in Finland. Download it now and see what happened a retired commando Aatami Korpi.
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Sisu Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The cat and mouse between the two lead characters is awesome
  • The violence and action do not hold back at all in this movie!
  • It is a very different World War II kind of movie
  • This is a fantastic and very fun action movie
  • The extreme violence may be a bit off putting for some
  • Some people may find some of the accents hard to understand
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