Snowpiercer (TV series)

I remember randomly watching the Snowpiercer movie on Netflix one night and thinking it was a great post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie. When I heard that Snowpiercer was getting turned into a TV series I was pretty excited. As I write this the third season of Snowpiercer has landed on Netflix with a fourth one being announced.

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The Movie Review

The premise of the show is one that I found very interesting right from the start. Earth has turned into a frozen wasteland with the majority of the population being dead. Those who have survived now live on a train that circles the Earth non-stop! This is no normal trial, it is one that thanks to its constant moving, is self-powered and provides humanity with a chance of survival.

Survival is a key theme in Snowpiercer as is class. The train has tons of carriages and it is very much a case of the haves and the haves not. Those at the front end of the train are of a “higher class” and enjoy a better life. Those towards the rear have a daily struggle for survival with poor living conditions and a real fight for just what they need to live.

Snowpiercer is a show that has a very solid ensemble cast. One of the main reasons I was drawn to the show (in addition to enjoying the movie, was the casting of Jennifer Colony as Melanie, who is one of the leads. While she is a powerful figure on the train and very much one of the “high class” she is not as dismissive of those towards the back of the train as many of her peers.

Alongside her, we have Daveed Diggs who is awesome as Andre Layton. Andre was a detective before the world went to hell and now, he is pretty much the train’s detective. He has an interesting relationship with Melanie. It is Melanie that makes him the “train detective” and this is a pivotal plot point of the show. The “cop drama” and detective stuff of the show was something I really did like.

Andre, is tasked with solving a series of murders that could really shake things up on the train. While he does try and do this, Andre is also trying to make it so the people towards the back of the train have a better life too. The whole class system and those who are poor and have nothing trying to rise up and get their fair share is one of the things about Snowpiercer that kept me going from episode to episode.

I have really enjoyed watching this show and think that it is very well done. Snowpiercer is a show that has a lot of moving pieces so you really do have to pay close attention to what is going on and who everyone is. I love this frozen post-apocalyptic world that has been created and there are more than a few surprises about the world outside of the train that are sure to blow your mind. This is a show I highly recommend!

Snowpiercer (TV series)
Snowpiercer is a TV series that is based on the graphic novel Transperceneige by Jacques Lob (1932-1990) and Jean-Marc Rochette (1956). Download it now.
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