Soul was supposed to be Disney/Pixar’s big hit for holiday 2020, but due to the pandemic, that did not happen. Instead, Disney decided to make this one of the first big exclusives for their Disney Plus service on Christmas Day 2020. The movie was a big hit and the majority of people who watched it loved it.

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You can stream and watch the movie on Disney+ or preorder it in a digital store such as Google Play. To start, click on the Download button at the end of the review. And if you like Pixar films, check out our reviews of Toy Story 4 or Onward.

The Movie Review

Soul is a movie with a ton of heart and soul, sorry for the terrible pun. It is about a middle-aged man called Joe (Jamie Foxx) who is a school music teacher. Joe has always wanted to be a musician and finally, it is like he is about to get his big break as he is given the chance to play with a real band.

Joe is over the moon and he feels that he is truly happy for the first time in a long time. In his happy state, Joe falls down a manhole and when he awakens, he is no longer in his body and he is on his way to the great beyond. As his life is just starting to go the way he wants, Joe decides to fight this and he finds himself in a place where souls are born.

This Great Before is a very interesting place. Here souls need to complete a certain number of tasks to find various traits before they can be born on Earth. Joe is tasked with training a mischievous soul called 22 (Tina Fey) to help her find her passion so that she can be finally be born on Earth.

22, does not want this to happen, she is happy being who she is and she makes a deal with Joe that she will help him get back to his body as long as he helps her stay where she is. Things are complicated when another Soul called Terry who is basically a bureaucrat notices that the numbers are off and he tries to find Joe so he can send him to the Great Beyond.

On Earth, Joe and 22’s plan does not exactly go as they had hoped. 22 ends up being inside Joe’s body and Joe ends up inside a cat! At first, this is a nightmare for 22, but she ends up actually “living” and realizing that while life may be scary it is also great and full of amazing experiences.

Joe on the other hand learns that his life has more meaning than he thought and that his work as a teacher means far more than he ever realized. It is very touching stuff and while it is very typically “Disney” it is a movie that still tugs at the heartstrings and keeps your attention the whole time you are watching it.

One last thing I need to mention is the way that Soul looks. Pixar has never made a bad-looking movie, but Soul is one of the best they have done. The whole dreamlike style of the Great Before and the gritty realistic look of the city is just amazing. These amazing vocal performances and the jazz soundtrack make it a movie that is a joy to the ears as well as the eyes!

Soul (2020)
Soul is a 2020 film about a school music teacher who loves jazz who at one point finds himself in the "Great Before". Download it when it becomes available.
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