Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy is one of those movies that felt like it took forever to come out. As someone who loved the original Space Jam movie, this was one of my most anticipated movies of the year! It was awesome seeing the Loony Toons back on the big screen and I was very interested to see how LeBron James would compare to Michael Jordan in this role.

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In the movie, LeBron James is playing himself. He has two sons, Darius is more like him and loves and embraces basketball, Dom on the other hand has dreams of being a video game designer. This kind of puts LeBron and Dom at loggerheads and to try and connect with Dom, LeBron takes him to the WB studios where he has a meeting.

It is here where things get crazy. WB has a very advanced AI called Alg-Rhythm (played by Don Cheadle) who gets offended by what LeBron says about him. This crazy AI, kidnaps Dom and digitizes LeBron, and tells him that he needs to put together a basketball team and play his Goon Squad if he ever wants to get out.

The whole motivations of the villain are ok and kind of fun, but really lacking when you compare them to the plot of the first movie. One thing that I did think was neat was the way they got real basketball talent to be the Goon Squad. I got a real kick out of one of the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson being Wet-Fire.

LeBron is locked in what the AI calls the WB verse and it is here he comes across Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny tells LeBron that he will help him build a basketball team. This part of the plot was kind of interesting in that Bugs had been left all alone and he tries to use this as an excuse to get all his toon friends back together.

One thing that has got people talking about Space Jam A New Legacy is the way that they have so many cameos from various WB properties. I would say it is kind of like Ready Player One in that regard where your eyes are pulled away from what is meant to be the main focus so you can see all the characters in the background.

I was very impressed with the way that the movie looked. I will admit that I feel the way they did the first Space Jam movie has more charm. However, this is a fantastic-looking movie, the animation, and the special powers the Goon Squad have in particular look fantastic. The movie also sounds great, with some great voice performances. I will admit I was not sure why they had Zendaya being Lola Bunny, but it worked very well.

I found Space Jam A New Legacy to be a pretty fun movie. I would not say that I liked it better than the first one, but it was still fun to watch this with the kids. If you are looking for a family movie that the whole family can enjoy together. I really do not think that you can go wrong with this one.

Space Jam: A New Legacy
Space Jam: A New Legacy is the 2021 sequel to 1996 Space Jam, which was a live-action comedy movie with animations. Download it when it is available.
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