Split is one of those movies that is just pure magic the first time you watch it, especially if you have not had a big mouth friend spoiling the twist! Released in 2016, you could easily make the argument that Split is one of the finest movies from M. Night Shyamalan. Please note that there will be spoilers ahead so if you have not seen the movie yet, stop reading!

How to Stream or Download Split Full Movie Online

You can stream it or you can download the movie from iTunes – it is possible to either rent it or buy it. Check out if your favorite languages are available. But first, watch the trailer. Before you watch Split we recommend that you check out the first movie from the series: Unbreakable with Bruce Willis. After Split, watch the third part of the trilogy: Glass.

The Film Review

Spoilers Ahead

The story of Split is that after a birthday party two friends Claire and Marcia feel obligated to give social outcast Casey a ride home. Claire’s dad insists and when they get to the car, the three girls get in…. but it is not Claire’s dad who joins them.

The three girls are abducted by Dennis. Dennis is just one of 23 personalities that reside inside the head of Kevin. The movie starts at 100 mph and within what feels like minutes the girls are abducted and you realize that this “guy” is not what he seems. You get to meet two of his personalities Dennis and Patricia early on.

Kevin and all his personalities are played by James McAvoy and to say he is awesome is an understatement. When you first see him acting as Patricia and how different she is to Dennis it is actually really bone-chilling as you know that these girls are in serious trouble.

Through the course of the movie we get to meet more of Kevin’s personalities and we learn that some of them are not exactly nice and as a result, they are not allowed to take control. The main two are Dennis and Patricia and they believe that there is yet another personality called The Beast. The Beast is pure chaos, a monster who can scale walls is super strong and super-fast.

The three girls try to manipulate one of Kevin’s personality a child called, Hedwig. They manage to manipulate him a little bit and you do start to think that Hedwig could be the girls way out, but unfortunately for them, he is not.

One thing that Split does really well which it does not get the credit it deserves for is the way that it portrays not just Kevin and his personalities, but also Casey. You figure out very early on that she is not like the other two girls and through a series of flashbacks you see that her childhood was just as bad as Kevin’s was, if not even worse.

There are frequent trips to the therapist that is working with the personalities of Kevin and she starts to suspect that something is not right. She tells them that The Beast is not real and it is just all a story. You really start to think that The Beast is just a story or at worst will just be another “personality” well The Beast does show up and it is certainly a huge shock when you see it.

Split really is a wonderful movie and by now pretty much everyone knows the twist at the end and how the movie is a sequel to Unbreakable and a lead in for the movie Glass. I think I would put Split as the best of the three movies. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and while it loses the shock factor after the initial viewing. Split is a movie I have seen many times and I have enjoyed it each time.

Split is a thriller with horror elements. Download it now but before that be sure you have seen Unbreakable, the first part of the trilogy.
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