Squid Game: The Challenge

Squid Game was a show that the wife and I were addicted to when it landed on Netflix in 2021. It was a show that took off all over the world and it is a show that I feel 100 percent lived up to all the hype around it. When I heard that there was going to be an actual game show (all be it without people getting killed) I thought it sounded weird, but also very interesting.

How to Download Squid Game: The Challenge

The show premiered on 22 November 2023. You can download or stream the show from Netflix. Click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Show Review: Squid Game as a Real-Life Game Show

To start with, Squid Game the actual show felt like it was showing the worst of humanity. How people would turn on others, stab people in the back, and be easily swayed by others if money or their survival was on the line. The crazy thing is, that actually is in this real-life game show!

Squid Game: The Challenge features 460 players with each one being worth ten grand. When a player is eliminated, ten grand is added to the piggy bank with a prize of over 4 million dollars being there for the winner and sole survivor. On paper, it is a very simple concept, but despite this being a show about playing games, this feels like some kind of social experiment.

Some of the games from the actual show like Red Light, Green Light, and the weird one where you have to cut out the cookie are here in pretty much the same way they were in Squid Game. However, they also throw a few twists to keep the players on their toes and this was great to see.

For example, they thought they were going to be doing tug of war so all the jacked up bros tried to band together, only for the show to twist it and have them play battleship instead! Seeing people have anxiety at the start thinking they were going out because of all the strong guys banding together, but then those strong guys being worried that their strength was no longer an issue was captivating stuff.

The Human Element in Squid Game: The Challenge

There are also many games that take place in the dormitory and here you get to see people’s true colors. The social aspect of Squid Game: The Challenge is fascinating, the way some people are leaders, others are followers and others are just real snakes trying to play people off against each other and being two-faced. This was all fascinating to see, especially when some people would get their comeuppance.

A few times per episode we will get interviews with the contestants. Sometimes the contestants will be interviewed before the show and we get to know more about them. Other times, it will be during the show and they will be reacting to something specific that has happened. This is another great way to get to know the players better which makes you like or dislike them more.

Final Thoughts on Squid Game: The Challenge

I found Squid Game: The Challenge to be a very addictive show. I found that the show got better towards the end as people’s personalities started to show more. Some of the stuff that happens is really tense and I imagine it must have been super stressful for the contestants to be part of. If you liked the Squid Game show, I highly recommend that you give this a try, I loved it!

Squid Game: The Challenge
Squid Game: The Challenge is a gripping real-life adaptation of the hit show, blending intense games with deep social dynamics. Download it now.
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Squid Game: The Challenge Review Summary

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  • I love it when they throw a curveball at the contestants
  • It makes for a very interesting social experiment
  • Seeing real people play the games we saw on the show was fun
  • You really do start to root for some people and like them
  • You will really hate some of these people!
  • The way people theatrically fall when they get “shot” is a bit much!
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