Superman Returns

Superman Returns is the sixth and final installment in the very long-running original Superman film franchise. This film is essentially a tribute and an homage to the original films from 1978 and 1980. Christopher Reeve’s Superman was one of the most influential on-screen superheroes of all time, crafting a way for other superheroes to get their fair share on the big screens. So, the last Christopher Reeve film was released in 1987, and this film, the spiritual successor to the franchise, Superman Returns, came out in 2006.

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The Movie Review

Superman Returns is a good film, despite the negative reactions that most people had. It is a film that tries its very best not to be the spiritual successor to Reeve’s films, yet a memorable addition to them! The casting was to be the main point of focus in these films, and safe to say that the casting directors did not disappoint.

Brandon Routh was the perfect choice to play Superman, as Christopher Reeve’s successor. The man possesses the talent, and he looks exactly like a young Christopher Reeves would have in Front of contemporary cameras.

The film follows Superman after five years of wandering around in space, he looked for surviving Kryptonians but he could not find a single person alive. The film also shows Lex Luthor, Superman’s nemesis.

During Superman’s absence, Luthor has managed to marry a rich widow and he acquires her estate. The film follows a heavy-hearted Superman, as he rejoins his job at the daily planet and learns that his former love interest Lois Lane has won a Pulitzer Prize for writing an article about how the world doesn’t need Superman.

Bryan singer’s direction takes this film from being a normal superhero film to something unique. It explores those aspects of Superman, that have never been explored on screen ever before. In other films, he is shown to be a beacon of hope and an ever-present force to be reckoned with.

However, in this film, Superman is explored more emotionally and thematically. It is less about Superman as a God-like figure, and more about Clark Kent and how he is as a human being.

Clark Kent’s entire personality and the story are explored to their fullest extent here.  How Clark as a human being is hiding his alter ego throughout his daily life. It also explores the aspects of the events that are happening in the story, and how they affect Clark’s mind and his morality as well as his own emotions. these thematic changes in filmmaking are important in highlighting Superman as a relatable and truly human figure.

This film’s goal was to make Superman feel like a human, who saves people because he cares about us instead of just because he’s Superman. It’s safe to say that the film succeeds in doing so and being a good film in its own right.

My only problems with this film lie in the fact that it has Lex Luthor as the main villain yet it doesn’t use him to the maximum potential. Nonetheless, Kevin Spacey’s performance as the bald menace is decent yet a bit overdone.

The side characters other than Lois Lane feel somewhat pointless and unnecessary to the film as well. Not to mention it doesn’t do anything great in the cinematography department either.

The Bottom Line

So in conclusion, Superman Returns is one of the most fascinating superhero flicks in recent memory. It’s a sequel to fools that were released 40 years ago yet it somehow manages to be just as campy without overdoing anything.

It feels like a classic, yet it also feels like a contemporary film at the same time. So, despite not being the best-executed film; Superman Returns is a good superhero film that does many things very well.

Superman Returns
Superman Returns is a superhero movies based on the famous character from the DC Comics. Download it now and watch it tonight.
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