The Boss Baby: Family Business

I remember having a family movie day out when the first Boss Baby movie was released in 2017 and it was a fun time. As fun as it was, I must admit I was kind of surprised that Boss Baby would become a franchise. The Boss Baby: Family Business is the sequel, but there has also been a short, a TV series and now it looks like there will be a third movie too!

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One of the things that DreamWorks do very well when they have a successful movie is that they try to keep as much of the team together as possible for sequels and that is the case here. Tom McGrath returns to direct the movie and he along with Michael McCullers who wrote the first movie, handled the story here.

The voice cast mostly returns from the first movie too and it is a stacked voice cast. Alec Baldwin returns as Ted Jr, but there is also James Marsden as Tim who is new to the movie. Amy Sedaris, Eva Longoria, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, and Jeff Goldblum are all here too, so as you can see it is stacked with talent.

I thought that the plot of the first movie had a great deal of charm and this one I think equals that. This movie is set many years later with Ted and Tim now being adults. It turns out that Tim’s daughter is a Boss Baby and she needs her dad and uncle’s help to stop a plot that could endanger the whole world.

There is a “bad” Boss Baby in The Boss Baby: Family Business which I thought was a lot of fun. You have Dr. Ewen Armstrong who is played by Jeff Goldblum who wants to get rid of the adults so they can stop telling kids what to do and he pretty much turns them into zombies.

The movie moves along at a very brisk pace which helps keep younger kids interested in what is going on. There is a lot of silly slapstick style humor, but there is also a lot of heart here too and I love the message of “family” that this franchise puts out there. The idea of a kid having their dad and uncle having to go back to being a kid to work with them is something I am sure appeals to all children.

Many people are focusing on the fantastic voice talent that The Boss Baby: Family Business which I get. However, I do have to also say that this movie looks fantastic. It has that DreamWorks style and the character models and the animation here are just first-rate all the way.

I thought that this movie was a very fun time. I would say that it is certainly as good as the first one. If you are looking for a movie for the kids that is also going to be fun for you as well, you cannot go wrong with The Boss Baby: Family Business.

The Boss Baby: Family Business
The Boss Baby: Family Business is a computer-animated movie and the sequel to the highly successful The Boss Baby. Download it when it is available.
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