The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum is the third installment of the Bourne trilogy, which also includes The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy. However, you don’t need to see the first two Bourne films to enjoy this one. In fact, one could argue that you don’t need to view the others after seeing this one. The Bourne series deserves praise for accomplishing what so many others have failed to do previously.

It’s a continuously entertaining trilogy that never takes itself too seriously and has a purpose in each episode that explains the need for three films to convey a complete story rather than just being a way to make more money.

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The Movie Review

Central Intelligence agent, Pamela Landy, has once again found herself in a small room, surrounded by a team of people all trying to track down the notoriously elusive Jason Bourne -who has escaped Moscow and is dragged out of hiding. Then there’s reporter Simon Ross from London, who is focused on exposing Operation Blackbriar, an upgrade to Project Treadstone.

The reporter’s information triggers fresh memories, and Bourne must unravel his dark history while avoiding The Company’s efforts to eliminate him for good. Bringing Bourne in has become more than a job for Landy at this point, it has evolved into a need to understand the man himself, far beyond the point of pursuit and capture.

The director, writers, and actors of the Bourne trilogy are all back for another round. Director Paul Greengrass has become one of the best action directors around, with films like Bloody Sunday and the underrated United 19. Greengrass’ complete mastery of suspense is unmatched, especially in the Bourne movies.

Combine that with cinematographer Oliver Wood who dazzles us with his handheld camera work, as if Bourne was so fast they couldn’t bother setting a tripod. I understand that shaky cams can be annoying, but they make it feel like you’re with Jason Bourne. As a result, you feel exhilarated by the end, in a good way.

Personally, I think Supremacy is one of the greatest action movies ever made, and Ultimatum comes close to matching it. The film is fast-paced, action-packed, clever, and it also stars David Strathairn.

The film’s captivating soundtrack, gritty camera movements, and unwavering attention to detail make it one of the greatest action sequels to date. The film looks and sounds fantastic. The editing is quick as lightning, and I believe the Bourne films in general are excellent examples of how action movies should be handled.

You have a good understanding of what is going on, and the movements, despite being utterly wild, feel normal. Matt Damon is obviously a great performer. In terms of brutality and fast, crafty wit, his character, Jason Bourne, is on par with James Bond.

Bourne may become stuck unexpectedly during tight situations, but he always finds a way out. He’s a quick runner, and he does parkour. Before facing his enemies, Bourne must jump from rooftop to rooftop and go through people’s homes.

The action is fantastic here. Aside from that, Joan Allen’s performance as Pamela Landy is worth praising. Bourne is typically a loner and can handle himself, but her character is a great addition. Landy is probably the only person who can help him stop his enemies.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, The Bourne Ultimatum serves as the perfect closing film, that is only disappointing because it brings the entire series to a stop (kind of, Bourne Legacy and Jason Bourne cane out five years later).

It’s a clever, perfectly tuned spy thriller with outstanding performances, particularly from Damon (in his best role ever), Allen, Strathairn, and Finney. Compared to the first two films in the series, The Bourne Ultimatum is faster, grittier, and more ruthless.

The Bourne Ultimatum
The Bourne Ultimatum is an action thriller from 2007 based on the novel by Robert Ludlum (1927-2001) Download it now and see what happened this time.
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