The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Some films are so weird you never forget them for the rest of your life, but aren’t sure if you want to see them again. David Fincher is the go-to guy for these kinds of films, which were always misanthropic and sinister. For The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it was undeniably strange, but it was also touching.

The film itself is the kind that You can stream and watch in the background while chilling. It’s dramatic, passionate, and thought-provoking. However, the plot isn’t the finest of all the Brad Pitt films in terms of keeping you hooked for the full runtime, especially when it’s three hours long.

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The Movie Review

Daisy Williams, an old woman, lays on her deathbed in a New Orleans hospital on the day of Hurricane Katrina. Caroline, her adult daughter, is beside her. Daisy requests Caroline to read the journal of Daisy’s lifelong friend, Benjamin Button, aloud to her.

Benjamin’s diary chronicles his entire unique existence, the oddest part being that he aged backward. In the middle of it, he meets the love of his life, Daisy. Their lives undergo many twists and turns as they try building a future together. Because of their different fates, they only have limited time.

David Fincher is the last director we’d think would adapt an F. Scott Fitzgerald story. In terms of style and story, his previous films were consistently dark. So why would a filmmaker for films like Fight Club, Se7en, and Zodiac choose a character-driven fairy tale?

In this film, the gimmick is the story.

It’s an interesting premise that raises a lot of questions. How would one function if they were born to age backward? What impact would it have on your day-to-day life? On a deeper level, how would you cope with the inevitability of loss in your life? The film’s appeal is found in its attempt to answer these issues.

What I love about the film is that it’s visually stunning. Fincher can frame a shot as effectively as anybody working today, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is chock-full of stunning, memorable images.

I’m curious whether Fincher used a specific type of film for this, like he did for Se7en, because the use of color contrasts is amazing. Brad Pitt wasn’t that great in here, but Cate Blanchett steals the show.

Cate’s portrayal of Daisy provides us a heroine that is entirely credible, whether she is in the big city promiscuous part of her life or in her settled, motherly phase. Despite the film’s over three-hour running duration, I don’t believe this is a major issue.

A film is only too lengthy if it becomes redundant or includes useless sequences. Yet despite its length, the film only seemed to show what was necessary to the plot. The story lacked conflict, it felt more like a documentary, addressing themes of loss, love, and mortality.

The only thing I hated about the film is that there’s nothing special about Benjamin apart from the obvious. There’s no genuine reason for Daisy to fall in love with him, yet the movie wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if it weren’t for their connection.

The film may appeal to everyone by portraying Button as a generic guy, and viewers can easily relate with Benjamin and his sense of loss. It’s something we’ll all have to deal with at some time in our lives, regardless of our age.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a refreshing film, but it only pulls you in because of its unique premise. Other than that, it’s pretty much like Forrest Gump and any other drama film. For some, in the end, it all could be kind of a waste of time. After all, is there anyone else in the world that has Benjamin’s problem?

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is a drama film that tells a story of a man who was getting younger as years passed by. Download it now.
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