The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a superhero action film produced by Warner. Bros. Pictures and DC Comics. The film premiered in 2008 and is the second edition of the Dark Knight trilogy (the first part being Batman Begins (2005) and the third – The Dark Knight Rises (2012)) and is directed by Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight features Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, and Aaron Eckhart as the main cast.

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The Film Review

The movie revolves around the city of Gotham where we get to see Batman, along with the police department, keeping the city safe from crime. After noticing how the District Attorney Harvey Dent has been performing well, Bruce Wayne decides to retire from being Batman but suddenly, the Joker commits a bank robbery and offers a gang to kill Batman in return for half of the money stolen.

The Joker also threatens the city of Gotham that he’ll start killing police officers unless Batman reveals his true identity.

Before Bruce Wayne could reveal himself, Harvey falsely claims that he is Batman and is, in turn, taken into custody. Meanwhile, the Joker kidnaps Dent and his lover, Rachel Dawes, and informs Batman that the buildings they are kept in will blow up.

Batman manages to save an injured Harvey, but Rachel dies in the explosion. The Joker then manipulates Harvey and makes him go on a rampage, killing people who he believed were involved in the murder of his lover.

After an intense fight between Harvey and Batman, Harvey falls off the building and dies after which, Batman decides to take the blame on himself, making Harvey look like as if he was a hero.

The Dark Knight is one of those very few superhero films that became famous because of its villain rather than the superhero. Fans from all over the world acknowledged Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker. Costume designer Lindy Hemming claimed that they made the overall look of the Joker was as if he did not care about himself nor about the way he looked.

The Joker was overall twitchy in his movements as well as edgy in his acts, giving chilly vibes to the audience who saw him in action.

Moving on to the effects, one of the major factors that reflected the animator’s hard work was Harvey Dent’s half burnt face after the explosion. The animation company known as Framestore created approximately 120 digital shots of Harvey’s two-faced scarred appearance and for each shot, three 720-pixel HD cameras were set up at different angles to distinctly capture the details of Harvey’s appearance.

Framestore explained how they rearranged the bones and skin muscles to make the scars look more realistic. Aaron Eckhart even wore markers on his face as a reference point through which the effects used on his face could be controlled from the background.

The main theme song of The Dark Knight was composed by the same artists, Hans Zimmer, and James Newton Howard, who recorded the theme for Batman Begins as well.

The Dark Knight has gone to become one of the most successful films of the Batman franchise, grossing over $1 billion on the box office. The action, along with the performance of actors like Heath Ledger and Christian Bale makes the movie one of the all-time bests that graced the cinemas.

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight is a superhero movie with Batman as the main character and Joker as his archenemy. Download it and watch tonight.
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