The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower is a dark fantasy science fiction film produced by MRC, Imagine Entertainment, and Weed Road Pictures. The film is directed by Nikolaj Arcel and features Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Taylor, Claudia Kim, and Fran Krans as the main cast.

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The Plot

Released on 31st July 2017, The Dark Tower follows the story of a young eleven-year-old boy named Jake Chambers who constantly dreams of different scenarios involving a Man in Black and a Gunslinger who opposes him. A group of workers approach Jake’s parents and offer them to treat Jake in their special facility.

Jake, recognizing that group as monsters from his visions, escapes and heads out alone to find out an abandoned house where he discovers a portal. Jake goes inside the portal which leads him to a post-apocalyptic world called Mid-World.

Jake meets the Gunslinger from his visions who is known as Roland Deschain. Roland explains how he is the last surviving Gunslinger and is looking for Walter Padick, the Man in Black who killed his father.

Roland explains how Walter plans to destroy the Dark Tower, using psychic children’s shine, which will in-turn enable dark forces to enter and destroy the reality of the universe. Meanwhile, in the real world, Walter realizes the incredible shine Jake possesses within him and as a result, kills both his parents after interrogating them one by one.

The two return to Earth only to have Jake captured by Walter and taken away to his base where he plans to retrieve all of Jake’s shine. Jake uses his psychic powers to inform Roland of his location and Roland, in turn, makes his way to Walter’s base, defeating all enemies that come in his way. A final battle takes place between Roland and Walter resulting in Walter’s death. In the end, Roland offers Jake to come with him, to which he agrees, knowing that he does not have anywhere else to go.

The Review and Reception

The Dark Tower film has shown much promise in terms of both action and graphics provided by the visual effects company RISE. According to RISE’s VFX executive producer Florian Gellinger, the company had been discussing every aspect of the film with Nikolaj for quite a while before production had begun. Gellinger further explains how RISE had to work on a variety of sequences including the environment itself after Jake met Roland for the first time.

Other aspects included controlling the fights that took place, especially between Roland and Walter. Talking about the effects used in displaying the environment as it was, Gellinger claimed that the company had used LiDAR 3D scans from the original location. The location was cleaned and textured in order to make it seem more dramatic.

The Music in The Dark Tower

Moving on, the main score of the film was composed by Junkie XL, a Dutch musician who made his name playing in clubs at different parts of the world.


Overall, the Dark Tower is an entertaining film that managed to do fairly well at the box office by crossing over $113 million. The film is a combination of some intense action, topped up with that typical science fiction element, making it one to watch.

The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower is a dark fantasy movie which tells a story of an eleven-year-old body who has visions of the eponymous Dark Tower. Download it and enjoy the mystery.
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