The Hangover Part III

If you ever wondered what could be more of a cash-grab than a comedy film sequel, the answer is simple enough, a comedy sequel’s sequel. What mostly happens is the following of the same or very similar formulas in different places, with more characters, and much unfunnier jokes. The Hangover franchise, unfortunately, didn’t learn anything from the unoriginal failure that The Hangover Part II and went on to make an even worse third film called The Hangover Part III.

Unlike the second film, which was just plainly unoriginal and attempted to replicate the first film, this third film is almost entirely terrible in terms of comedy and the way it’s written. Some of the aspects that worked in the first and second films work well in this one too, but besides that, it’s a pretty bad comedy film. Its predecessor was unoriginal, but at least it was replicating a nice movie, The Hangover Part III, on the other end, is a misfire in different ways.

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The Movie Review

This action-oriented sequel follows two years after the events of The Hangover Part II. Leslie Chow makes an escape out of the prison. Alan Garner is busy with his own multi-car pursuits, and purchase a giraffe, which he randomly ends up decapacitating. His father Sid, ridiculously ends up dying due to a heart attack upon knowing it and ranting on Alan. Alan is in all the possible kinds of personal or impersonal troubles that exist, in this film, and the film fails so much at making it seem funny.

At Alan’s father’s funeral, it is revealed by Doug to Phil and Stu that Alan has been skipping on his ADHD medication, and the three convince him to go to a rehabilitation facility in Arizona, under his condition that the ‘wolfpack’ would accompany him there.

And of course, things always go wrong whenever these four go to any other state or country. While they’re on the way to Arizona with Alan, Phil’s minivan is hit by a large rental truck, and the group is captured as hostages by a mob. Their boss Marshall, alongside his right-hand man named Black Doug reveals to them that after their stay in Las Vegas,

Chow ended up exploiting them and hijacking a heist of theirs, and considering Alan’s ties with Chow, they could all get Chow to the mob for getting things straight between the two sides. Yet again it turns out to be Chow who’s behind everything going wrong for the wolfpack.

This film may not copy the pattern of its predecessors as much as The Hangover Part II copied its predecessor, but key aspects like Chow being the main culprit add to this film’s meter of unoriginality. Besides the unoriginal premise, it’s also laden with terrible jokes and weak character writing. The difference in quality between the first film and this third film is honestly quite surprising. The franchise stepped from good quality to mediocrity, and then from mediocrity to stupidity.

The collaborated screenwriting of Todd Philips and Craig Mazin is the worst here compared to the rest of the franchise. Tropes, thinly written characters, corny and bland jokes, and a fair deal of reliance on the traditions of the previous films. Like most comedy films, it has not much to offer. What’s worse is that, unlike the last two films, even Lawrence Sher’s cinematography doesn’t compliment it enough. Phillips has shown his credibility as a director quite often, but this film is a misfire from the premise alone.

The Bottom Line

The Hangover Part III makes the franchise descend in terms of quality even more than The Hangover Part II did. Besides being fairly unoriginal, it is horribly written and directed and has no prominent aspect to commend. If you’re looking for a cheap laugh, the film may entertain you for a second or two at some point, but it’s not even the kind of film that is so bad that it’s fun to watch.

The Hangover Part III
The Hangover Part III is a comedy film. It is the third installment of The Hangover trilogy. The plot starts two years after the events of the previous film. Download it now.
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