The Night Agent

The Night Agent is another fantastic Netflix original series for the streaming platform. All ten episodes hit Netflix on March 23rd and the wife and I watched the whole thing over a weekend and had a great time doing so! This is an action thriller kind of show and one that will keep you guessing all the way until the end.

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You can download or stream the film from Netflix. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you like conspiracy and action, check out also the Jason Bourne series.

The Movie Review

Now, some of you may have seen Netflix original series and gotten worried. Netflix makes great stuff, but the rate at which they cancel stuff after just one season is crazy. Thankfully, I can’t tell you right now that The Night Agent has already been renewed for a second season so do not worry about getting invested and attached to the show and then it ends on a cliffhanger, never to be resolved!

Our main character is an FBI agent called, Peter Sutherland. He is a rather low-ranking FBI agent and he has been assigned to the White House where he is going to be working as a night action telephone operator. I had never heard of this position before, but right from the start, I was intrigued.

His job is to sit in this office in the White House basement. While there, he is to man a phone that he is told never rings, but then one night it does ring! No spoilers here as to who or what is on the other end of that call. However, Agent Sutherland ends up thrust into a conspiracy that could change the course of the entire country, possibly the world!

This is a conspiracy-type show. We find out that there is some kind of mole in the White House and Peter needs to use his cunning and FBI training to track down this traitor before it is too late. I think as a premise this is fantastic and Peter is not alone as he has someone helping him out.

You see, Peter is joined by Rose, who is a cybersecurity genius that had two uncles there were Night Agents so she has an idea of what is going on here. Again, no spoilers, but they make for an interesting pairing and it is the kind of show where you are never really sure who can be trusted.

I liked the pace that things move at. There is more action in this show than I thought there would be and it is all done very well. The show also has a lot of mystique about it too where the wife and I would talk about what we thought was going down and that was also part of what made this such a fun show to watch together.

If you like action thriller shows with a lot of mystery about them, The Night Agent is well worth your time checking out. I have to say that I feel that this is the kind of show that is much better the less you know about it going in. Watch the first trailer for it and if you like the look of it, watch it and do not watch or read any more about it! Trust me, you will be glad that you did!

The Night Agent
The Night Agent is an action-thriller TV series that was released in 2023. Download it now and enjoy the conspiracy story.
8.5 Total Score
The Night Agent Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I thought that Gabriel Basso was Peter was pretty awesome
  • Right until the last episode, it kept me guessing
  • This is a fun and badass action thriller-style of show
  • It has great pacing and each episode flows into the next
  • While I enjoyed it, I am not sure it is the kind of show I would watch again
  • With Netflix just announcing the second season, we probably have over a year to wait!
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