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The nineties were Eddy Murphy’s era. The whole world was his, and we were just living in it. This was a time when the legendary comedian made his way into the world of comedy films and rose up as one of the biggest, most bankable stars in the world. The films weren’t consistently good, but they were incredibly funny. They had a ton of humor and a lot of passion went into making them. Dr. Dolittle, Holy Man, Bowfinger, Vampire in Brooklyn, Beverly Hills Cop 3, these were all comedy gold. However, nothing will ever make you laugh as hard as The Nutty Professor.

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The Movie Review

The Nutty Professor brings its very own comedy spin on the classic tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It follows the life of Professor Sherman Klump, a lovable yet overweight genius.

Driven by his desire to shed most of his body weight and win the affection of his crush, Carla Purty, Sherman develops a potion that transforms him into the suave, but obnoxious, Buddy Love.

As Buddy’s influence grows, Sherman must confront the consequences of his alter ego while finding self-acceptance in a world obsessed with appearances.

The film was helmed by popular comedy director Tom Shadyac, who was known for his knack for lighthearted comedies. His work was raunchy and had a bunch of adult jokes, but they were almost always in good taste.

This is why his expertise was required for a film like The Nutty Professor, and it seems that he did a solid job. The screenplay, penned by David Sheffield and Barry W. Blaustein, successfully infuses humor into a familiar narrative, with plenty of laughs throughout.

The writing and the direction combined managed to cleverly balance slapstick comedy and moments, allowing viewers to connect with Sherman’s journey of self-discovery.

Although the comedy is strong in this film, the humor does sometimes rely on low-brow jokes.

There is excessive fat-shaming at times, which may be off-putting to most viewers because it definitely was to me. However, keep in mind that the film attempts to convey a positive message about self-acceptance. However, it occasionally drifts away towards a more stereotypical comedy approach, failing to fully address the underlying issues of body image and its connection to self-worth.

The Characters

As always, the highlight of the film is its main character, played fantastically by Eddy Murphy. Eddie Murphy delivers a tour de force performance, playing multiple roles within the same film.

From the kind and bumbling Sherman Klump to the outrageous and charismatic Buddy Love, Murphy showcases his comedic versatility and unmatched talent for physical comedy. His ability to seamlessly switch between characters is phenomenal.

The supporting cast, including Jada Pinkett, James Coburn, and Dave Chappelle, provides solid, slightly more grounded performances that complement Murphy’s larger-than-life presence.

The Visuals

The Nutty Professor’s colorful and quite groggy cinematography doesn’t add much to the film’s charm. The set designs are great, they effectively capture the contrast between Sherman’s humble surroundings and the glamorous world he aspires to be a part of.

Not to mention, the film’s makeup and prosthetics, particularly the transformation sequences, are impressive for a 1996 film. However, the camerawork is just bland, and very repetitive most of the time.

The Music

The film’s soundtrack, composed by David Newman, offers a decent mix of lively and playful tunes that match the film’s comedic tone.

The music doesn’t really enhance the comedic timing or add much to the overall enjoyment of the viewing experience, but it’s certainly there. I do like that the film incorporates some really memorable songs from various genres.

That contributes more to the nostalgic charm, rather than the original soundtrack itself.


The Nutty Professor is a zany comedy that highlights why Eddie Murphy’s comedic brilliance was such a global phenomenon.

His ability to inhabit multiple characters is what made this film work so well, and aside from that, the film offers plenty of laughs and heartwarming scenes.

The film’s visuals might not be too appealing, and the soundtrack might not be too catchy, but its talented cast and extremely funny story make it quite charming. However, it does fall short in its handling of sensitive subjects at times and relies too heavily on crude humor.

Despite all these points, the film is still incredibly funny, and a highlight of the 90s comedy scene.

The Nutty Professor (1996)
The Nutty Professor is a science fiction comedy from 1996. Download it now and see what happened to Sherman Klump.
6 Total Score
The Nutty Professor (1996) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Eddie Murphy's performance is phenomenal, his comedic brilliance and versatility shines in this film
  • Plenty of laughs and hearty moments throughout the film
  • Solid supporting cast with performances that complement Murphy's presence
  • Impressive makeup and prosthetics, particularly the transformation sequences
  • Set designs effectively capture the contrast between humble and glamorous surroundings
  • Incorporation of memorable songs from various genres adds to the nostalgic charm
  • Reliance on lowbrow jokes and excessive fat-shaming
  • Occasional drift towards stereotypical comedy, failing to fully address body image issues
  • Cinematography lacks visual appeal and becomes repetitive
  • Original soundtrack doesn't enhance comedic timing or overall enjoyment significantly
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