The Other Guys

I am a huge Will Ferrell fan and I would say that The Other Guys is one of his more underappreciated roles. Not only does this star Will Ferrell, but The Other Guys also has Mark Wahlberg as the co-star, and these two are gold together. I watched The Other Guys recently for the first time in many years and I was shocked at how much fun I had with it and it was even better than I remembered it being.

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The Movie Review

Why The Other Guys Deserves More Recognition

It is kind of surprising that The Other Guys is as overlooked and as forgotten as it is. Not only do we have two Hollywood a-listers in the lead role. The movie was brought to us by Adam McKay who had made great stuff with Will Ferrell before such as Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers.

Star-Studded Support Cast Enhances the Fun

This movie also has an insane supporting cast. The Rock, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton, Eva Mendes, Steeve Coogan, Damon Wayan’s JR, and more are here too. I have to give special mention to The Rock and Samuel L, Jackson who play the two greatest cops in the city, even though they cause millions of dollars in collateral damage each time they do the most mundane of busts. I thought this stuff was awesome and it would have been great to see a spin-off with these two.

The Unique Chemistry of Ferrell and Wahlberg

Will Ferrell plays the role of Detective Allen Gamble who used to have a wild persona called Gator that he has put behind him. Allen is now a more quiet and reserved kind of guy and in theory the perfect partner to Wahlberg’s super angry Detective Terry Hoitz. These two have such fun chemistry and if you loved their back-and-forth in the two Daddy’s Home movies, you are sure to get a kick out of it here too.

A Familiar Yet Fresh Take on Buddy Cop Comedy

When you read what the premise of the story in The Other Guys is, it sounds super predictable and the kind of thing you have seen a million times before. We have two mismatched detectives who have to work together to try and stop a big case that they have stumbled onto. Raise your hand if you have seen this kind of plot in a movie before!

Why The Other Guys Stands Out

The thing is, this movie does it all so incredibly well. It is a comedy, but it is also a parody of the crazy cop/spy movies that we have had over the years as it is so over the top. Will Ferrell is his usual crazy self here and that is something I always enjoy. Of course, that also means if you do not like Will Ferrell and the usual schtick that he does in most of his movies, you may not like this.

A Strong Cast Makes The Other Guys Accessible

Although I say that, The Other Guys has such a strong supporting cast, I feel like even those who are not usually into the stuff Will Ferrell does may be able to have fun and get into this. Yes, he is the main character (well one of them) but there are so many other wild characters here, that he does not stand out as much as he usually does.

Concluding Thoughts on The Other Guys

With some awesome action scenes, fantastic comedy, and some hilarious and over-the-top characters, The Other Guys is a very easy recommendation for me to make. I am so glad that I watched this again, I honestly forgot how much fun it was and it is up there with the best comedies that Will Ferrell has done!

The Other Guys
The Other Guys stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as mismatched NYPD detectives in a hilarious, action-packed buddy cop comedy. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
The Other Guys Review Summary

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  • Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are a ton of fun together
  • There are some crazy action scenes that are exciting and funny
  • This movie has a stacked and entertaining supporting cast
  • The stuff with The Rock and Samuel L Jackson is hilarious!
  • It is a missed opportunity we never got a movie based on Detective Highsmith & Danson
  • The overall plot is a bit on the predictable side
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