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Santa is a figure as old as time, at this point. He’s obviously a myth, though, but he’s a myth that we can all rely upon to provide us with the best holiday cheer. When it comes to cinema, however, Santa is one divisive old codger. When it comes to his hundreds of different depictions, none is funnier than in The Santa Clause series. The Santa Clause franchise follows Scott Calvin (played by the ever-jolly Tim Allen) as he unexpectedly becomes Santa Claus. The Santa Clause 2 takes the franchise in a newer direction, but one that is much shakier than before.

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The Santa Clause 2: A Movie Review

In the original film, it’s a race against time to make sure all the kids around the world are happy. In the sequel, Scott Calvin/Santa suddenly finds himself having an existential crisis that even Santa’s elves can’t gift-wrap.

His to-do list includes finding Mrs. Claus before Christmas Eve or he would lose all of his Santa powers, stopping his kid from going rogue on the naughty list, and dealing with a fake Santa that’s more imposter than an ex-con turned mall Santa.

The screenplay of The Santa Clause 2 stumbles down a few chimneys, tripping over its own sleigh bells. While it’s undoubtedly brimming with good intentions, some really great ideas, and a whole lot of holiday spirit, it occasionally feels like the writers should’ve proofread the script going all out on filming everything out.

The original film had a ton of pure laugh-out-loud moments, but this time around, there is a distinct lack of those. Rather, the film heavily relies on some of the most mediocre humor you will see.

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Humor and Visuals in The Santa Clause 2

A lot of the humor feels forced, just like a lot of the story beats don’t seem to mesh well together in this film. You can tell that the director Michael Lembeck tried to deliver a respectable effort here. His focus was mainly on the visuals, though, as he kept the North Pole scenes enchanting to look at, and things super cozy whenever there was a fireplace on screen. However, some of the character dynamics could use a little more seasoning.

Let’s just say there wasn’t a lot of development, in fact, let’s say there wasn’t any development. Santa Scott remains the same guy as he was at the start of the film, with no growth whatsoever. There are charming moments, but they’re super rare.

Tim Allen’s return as Santa is a big ho-ho-home run. He’s the life and soul of the movie, effortlessly combining humor and heart. If he wasn’t playing Santa, I don’t think this film would have even been slightly fun to watch. That’s just how it is because unfortunately, the film underutilizes most of the other characters.

You can barely understand the motivations of the other characters, and once you do discover them in the film, they feel underdeveloped. I wish they showed a bit more of Bernard the Head Elf, played by David Krumholtz, and his zany crew.

The North Pole is a winter wonderland brought to life, and the elves’ workshop is a twinkling, toy-filled dream. The visuals and art design go incredibly well with the themes of the film and the cinematography as well, but then you have random moments where the film looks super dated.

I mean, it probably looked great to audiences in 2002, but in 2023, you need a different criteria.  It’s all right, but it’s not going to make you believe in Santa’s existence. Not to mention, a lot of the camera work in the film is as generic as ever, with no innovative shots or angles to mention.

The Musical Score

The musical magic, courtesy of composer George S. Clinton is a delightful surprise that amps up the festive vibes. The score carries that unmistakable Christmassy jingle that makes your heart feel cozier than a cup of cocoa by the fireplace. It’s the warm and fuzzy blanket this movie sometimes needs, especially when the story’s chillier than a snowman’s handshake.

Verdict on The Santa Clause 2

The Santa Clause 2 is a bit like a holiday fruitcake—sweet, familiar, and sometimes a bit nutty, though you will find that it goes stale very quickly. The film’s highest peaks are because of Tim Allen’s jolly presence and some magical North Pole scenery. However, it falls short of delivering a consistently entertaining and heartwarming holiday story.

While it’s a serviceable sequel that won’t ruin your Christmas spirit, it’s not the dazzling star on top of the Christmas tree we were hoping for.

The Santa Clause 2
The Santa Clause 2 is a comedy sequel where Tim Allen’s character, Scott Calvin, must find Mrs. Claus to keep his Santa powers and save Christmas. Download it now.
5.5 Total Score
The Santa Clause 2 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • A beautiful soundtrack by George S. Clinton
  • Tim Allen's charming performance as Scott/Santa
  • Fun North Pole setting, cozy vibes and great visuals
  • Bland camera work and dated special effects in the regular scenes
  • A highly predictable plot
  • Not enough supporting characters get to shine
  • Underdeveloped writing, with lots of boring humor
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