The Shift

Wow, The Shift just might be one of the top hidden gems of 2023. I have seen a lot of Christian movies over the years, but this one here is a bit different. It is a sci-fi dystopian story that is loosely based on the Book of Job! The thing is, while it is a “Christian movie” I feel that The Shift stands on its own as a solid sci-fi movie and if you did not know it was a Christian movie before you saw it, you may not even notice!

How to Download The Shift

The Shift was released on December 1, 2023. You can download or stream the film on Angel Studios’ digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Additionally, check out other productions from the same studio: the TV series The Chosen or the 2023 blockbuster Sound of Freedom.

The Movie Review

Shift – A Sci-Fi Story with a Twist

Our main character is a man called Kevin. Kevin loses his job but finds love with a woman called Molly. Kevin and Molly get married and have a son, but they lose their son and it puts a huge strain on their life. Molly becomes an alcoholic and Kevin pretty much hates both his work and home life and feels like he is being punished!

The twist of the story here is that Kevin is in a car accident and saved by a mysterious man called The Benefactor. No spoilers here, but you can tell right away that there is something off about The Benefactor. I was legit shocked at who he turned out to be. I am a big fan of Neil McDonough and he is perfect for this role.

A Unique Take on the Book of Job

Kevin finds out that he is trapped in an alternate reality, a world that has been decimated and people live in fear and poverty. Kevin manages to make a few friends and he learns that there are being called “shifters” that can go between realities and Kevin sees this as his way back to Molly.

Honestly, The Shift is a solid sci-fi movie, it has a kind of TV movie vibe about it, but that is not meant as a form of disrespect. It moves at a quick pace and there are a few moments that will have you on the edge of your seat. I know that at the end of the day, it is a Christian movie, but I found it more to be about a man who would do anything for love and I am not talking about Meat Loaf!

Stellar Cast and Sci-Fi Elements

It has a solid cast with Kristoffer Polaha in the lead role of Kevin and Sean Astin as Gabriel. I also have to say that being a video game fan, I got a huge kick out of Nolan North being in the movie. I will admit I only know the basics of the story of Job so I cannot say how good a twist on that story this movie is, but I can tell you I do know good sci-fi and this is certainly that.

Final Recommendation for The Shift

If you are looking for something a bit different to watch, I highly recommend that you check out The Shift. Do not be put off by this being a Christian movie, I would bet many people will watch this and not even realize that it is! I am glad I stumbled across this one and I would not be against watching it again at some point, but I may read up on the story of Job a bit first.

The Shift
The Shift is a unique Christian sci-fi film blending a dystopian setting with a tale of love and resilience, inspired by the Book of Job. Download it.
8 Total Score
The Shift Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Neil Donough was awesome as “The Benefactor”
  • If you like sci-fi you will probably enjoy this
  • I liked the alternate reality thing the story had going on
  • In many ways, this is a sci-fi love story and that is pretty cool
  • There are a couple of ropey special effects
  • Some may have a hard time getting past this being a Christian movie
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