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If you were to ask me to do my top ten comedies of all time, There’s Something About Mary would be on that list! Brought to us by the Farrelly Brothers these dudes could pretty much do no wrong with four out of their five first movies being some of the most amazing and funny comedies of the 90s and 00s with only their 1999 movie, Outside Providence not really clicking with me the way this and stuff like Dumb and Dumber did.

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There’s Something About Mary is the kind of movie that is really hard to talk about, you have to just go with it as there is a lot going on. It has a fantastic cast with Ben Stiller, Camron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Lee Evans, W. Earl Brown and many more. Mary who is played by Cameron Diaz is a feisty, fun, kind, and beautiful woman who is pretty much the desire of all the men in this movie.

One of those men is Ted. Ted is played by Ben Stiller and in high school he was about to take Mary to the prom when an unfortunate accident with his zipper caused things to not go as planned. To this day, I will say “franks and beans” to my friends or they will say it to me and it makes us laugh just like it did when we were teenagers in 1998.

Mary was the one that got away and it bugged him all his life. This leads Ted to hire a guy called Pat Healy to track Mary down and find out some stuff about her. Sure, it is kind of stalkerish, but Pat ends up falling for Mary himself and he tries to woo her. Matt Dillon plays Pat and he is fantastic! The scene with Pat trying to resuscitate the dog is comedy gold and no matter how many times I watch it, it cracks me up.

As well as Ted and Pat, Mary’s friend, “Tucker” is trying to score with her as is Ted’s best friend Woogie, not to mention NFL star Bret Favre! What is so great about There’s Something About Mary is that there is funny scene after funny scene. So many that you can just rattle them off to someone else who has seen the movie and you will be laughing together at how crazy some of the stuff that happens here is.

Yet, while this is a hilarious comedy full of many iconic scenes, There’s Something About Mary fits together perfectly, and none of the scenes, no matter how crazy they are feel completely random. They all build towards the plot and the eventual ending with Ted and Mary. It is funny because on one hand, you could argue that the movie is predictable and I guess the ending is, but how we get to that end is certainly not predictable at all.

I have easily seen this movie over 10 times over the years and it never fails to make me laugh. This is a 10/10 comedy for me! It has an amazing main cast and the supporting cast is also a whole load of fun! The only negative thing I have to say about There’s Something About Mary is that it is beyond crazy that there is no 4K release of this yet! Hopefully, they will make one someday and it will be a day-one purchase for me!

There's Something About Mary
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  • Ted is one of the best characters Ben Stiller has ever played
  • This is my number one Matt Dillon performance of all time
  • There are so many hilarious moments in this movie, I could do a top ten of them!
  • This is one of the greatest comedies of all time
  • As I write this, there is no 4K release of this movie
  • The Blu-Ray that we do have is kind of lacking
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