Titans (TV series)

Titans is one of the best superhero TV shows ever created! That is right, I am saying that right off the bat! Where I live in the UK, Titans is classed as a Netflix original, but it has been distributed by different companies in other parts of the world. What we have here is a mature take on the Teen Titans series and it is awesome.

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Our main character is Dick Grayson who has left Gotham City and relocated to Detroit. Dick, wants to leave Batman and Gotham behind him and just be a detective. I really like this portrayal of Dick Grayson and despite his best interests, in no time at all, he is once again wearing the Robin suit and beating up bad guys.

The first season sees Robin come across a teenage Rachel Roth, better known as Raven. Rachel is being hunted as she is the key for her demon father, Trigon to cross over into our world. The first season also introduces us to Kory Anders (Starfire) who has lost her memories but knows that she was looking for Rachel. There is also Gar (Beast Boy) who like Raven is a teenager.

I knew before the first season aired that Titans was a more mature show. However, the violence and language here were kind of shocking (in a good way) in that first episode. There is a fight scene early on where Robin just destroys these guys and it is as brutal as anything that happened on The Punisher TV show!

We are also introduced to Hank (Hawk) and Dawn (Dove). We learn that the original Titans team was made up of Robin, Hank, Dawn, and Donna (Wonder Girl), but the team disbanded many years ago. It is Rachel that actually brings them all together, along with Kory and Gar as they try and save her as well as the world because if Trigon is able to cross over, it is all over for mankind!

Season one of Titans for me is pretty much perfect. The last episode of season one is the best episode of any superhero TV show that I have ever seen. I remember watching that episode for the first time just being blown away and on the edge of my seat and then the credits scene was just as crazy and got me hyped for the second season!

Season two of Titans introduces some new characters, who I do not want to spoil here. However, I will tell you that we get Deathstroke as the main villain in season two and that is awesome! We also learn a great deal more about the original team and why they disbanded. Not to mention, we get to see Dick take a leadership role in training Gar and Rachel (and someone else) to help them get a handle on their abilities.

Again, I do not want to spoil anything here, so I will say that season three is once again awesome. One of the things that I got a huge kick out of with season three was that it told its own version of the Under the Red Hood story. I liked how it was different and not just the same as the comic book or even the animated movie. They worked it so that it fitted into this Titans universe.

Now, season four as I write this is on Netflix, but I have not had the pleasure to watch it as of yet. All I know about season four so far is that Brother Blood is in it and that is great as I loved his stuff in the Teen Titans animated series. I have been rewatching Titans with my wife (who did not watch it the first time around) and she is enjoying it too and I am excited to get to season four!

I am kind of shocked that Titans is not held in higher regard. I loved the Arrowverse, but for me, Titans is the best of all the TV shows based on DC characters. At four seasons, it is not a massive commitment and if you enjoy comic book movies and TV shows, I have no doubt that you will love this.

Titans (TV series)
Titans is a superhero TV series that is based on the Teen Titans superheroes from DC Comics. Download it now and enjoy their adventures.
9.5 Total Score
Titans (TV series) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • This is possibly my favorite portrayal of Dick Grayson ever!
  • All of the main characters get good character development in this show
  • This is not a kids show, the violence, language, and themes are very adult!
  • This is one of the best comic book TV shows ever made
  • While it is far from being bad, some of the CGI does stand out
  • There are some characters that I wish showed up here
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