Tom & Jerry (2021)

Tom & Jerry is an all-time classic! Seriously, this is a show that is timeless. My dad loved it when he was a kid, I loved it in the 80s and my son also loves it. It is a show that has lasted because it is so much fun and the idea of a cat and mouse constantly at war with each other is something that anyone, no matter their age can find amusing.

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To watch the movie online, check its availability in online stores. To do so – click on the Download button at the end of this review. And if you like the performance of Chloë Grace Moretz, check her out as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family.

The Movie Review

This is a movie that felt like has been in development forever. I remember the movie that was released in the 90s (and the video game tie-in) and thought that was fun. This was one of the first “big” movies to be released in theatres in some locations once things started opening up around the globe and so far, it has had a fairly decent box office run.

The movie is a mixture of live-action and animation. Tom & Jerry are animated and the way they are done is great. These look like classic Tom & Jerry, but the level of animation and how bright they are really does make them pop off the screen and you notice them whenever they are in a scene.

As far as the live-action cast goes, they do a great job. There is a solid supporting cast with actors such as Ken Jeong, Jordan Bolger, and Rob Delaney to name a few. However, the main live-action cast you need to know about is Chloë Grace Moretz (Kayla) the “hero” and Michael Peña (Terence) who is the villain.

The movie takes place in a hotel. In this hotel, Jerry is living the high-life and is loving staying in this fancy hotel. Kayla manages to get a job at this hotel in less than honest ways. Terence is the event manager of this hotel and Kayla’s boss and he is a real jerk. A big wedding is going to take place here, but Jerry causes havoc and Kayla enlists the help of Tom to get rid of him.

Lots and lots of hijinks ensure which is classic Tom & Jerry stuff which I get a real kick out of, so did my son. Once again, Tom & Jerry manage to entertain both kids and adults! Kayla forces Tom and Jerry to work together and be friends if they want to keep staying at the hotel.

This part of the movie I thought was done really well. While Tom & Jerry are best as enemies, seeing them have to work together and actually bond was something that I thought was really cool. Of course, the rivalry between the two is never far away, but the bonding moments were a highlight of the movie for me.

Terence is a great villain; he is so sneaky and sleazy that you just cannot wait for him to get his comeuppance. This is not going to win any awards or impress snobby movie critics. However, for a family movie, Tom & Jerry is a lot of fun and a movie I certainly would not object to watching again.

Tom & Jerry (2021)
Tom & Jerry is a 2011 live-action and computer-animated comedy with the classic characters of the cat and mouse. Download it when it becomes available.
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