Toy Story

Toy Story is an animated family film which is full of adventure and comedy. Released in 1995, Toy Story features some of the biggest names in the Hollywood industry such as Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and John Morris. The film is based on the story of living toys who, led by Woody the Cowboy, are owned by a boy named Andy. Woody, being Andy’s all-time favorite toy feels threatened when Andy receives a new toy as a gift who calls himself Buzz Lightyear. The story majorly revolves around Woody and Buzz competing against each other to become the favorites of Andy.

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The Film Review

Toy Story starts off with Woody and the gang spending their everyday lives as usual while playing dead whenever a human appears. It is not until Andy receives a new toy as a gift, who is known as Buzz Lightyear, that Woody starts to become jealous. Impressed with Buzz’s latest features, not only Andy, but the rest of the toys also begin to consider him as their favorite. Woody, out of jealousy tries numerous ways to get rid of Buzz until he succeeds in finally managing to force him out of the window.

Despite that, Buzz still manages to attach himself to the car in which Andy and his family are traveling along with Woody. When the car stops for gas, the battle to become the favorite toy continues between Woody and Buzz which eventually leads them to become stuck inside a crane game.

Unluckily for the both of them, Andy’s next-door sinister neighbor, Sid, takes them back to his house after winning them through the crane game and plans to abuse the both of them like all of his other toys.

As soon as Woody and Buzz are about to escape, Buzz becomes depressed over the sudden realization that he is, in fact, a toy in contrary to what he believed himself to be, an actual space ranger. Buzz lets Sid capture himself as he takes over however, Woody puts all his differences with Buzz and tries to save him from being blown up in the sky through a toy rocket launched by Sid.

With the help of Sid’s old toys, which he had also abused in the past, Buzz and Woody manage to escape after which an intense car chase occurs where Buzz and Woody try to chase down Andy’s car. The other toys initially refuse to help Woody get to the car during the chase but after noticing how Woody is trying to help Buzz, all the toys get together to save both of them from falling behind. After an intense moment where Woody ignites the rocket fitted behind Buzz’s back, both of them manage to get safely inside the car.

The movie ends with Andy moving to his new house where Buzz and Woody join forces together to prepare themselves to counter the arrival of a new toy received by Andy as his Christmas gift.

Overall, Toy Story is considered to be one of the all-time greatest animation films as it makes its viewers experience a range of emotions and most importantly, it is one of those rare films which families can get together and watch more than once.

Toy Story
Toy Story is an iconic comedy animated movie, the first done by Pixar Animation Studios. Download it today and enjoy the adventures of Sheriff Woody and his toy-friends.
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