What a great freaking movie! I saw this show up on Netflix and I kind of just dismissed it. It was my dad who watched it and said that it was one of the best monster movies he had ever seen which made me decide to give it a watch. I have to say, he was right, this movie was so much fun and great if you want a big monster disaster-style movie.

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Troll is brought to us by Norwegian filmmaker, Roar Uthaug. If his name seems familiar, he gave us the criminally underrated Tomb Raider reboot a few years back. Anyway, for this movie, he wanted to dive into the Norwegian folklore of trolls, and while we have had movies about trolls before, but this is something really special.

The movie starts with our main character, Nora as a child being told by her father Tobias about the mythology and history of trolls. She is captivated by this and it is something she holds onto forever. Her father is one of the leading researchers in this field and ultimately is ridiculed for his beliefs and has his career ruined.

Many years later, a fully grown Nora is now a paleontologist and she is called to work as part of a team after an explosion happens on a mountain. They think that some work was being done and that the explosion and destruction was as a result of that, but that is not the case at all!

It turns out that an ancient troll was awakened and now he is on a rampage as he makes his way to Oslo. Look, for an action movie about a giant rampaging troll that causes Godzilla-like destruction. Troll actually has a great story too; I love the whole lore behind the trolls in Norway along with the story about Nora’s father and how he uncovered the truth.

We basically have Nora, her dad, and their team trying to stop the troll from making its way to Oslo and destroying it. The movie never gives you a moment to rest and while the action here is great, I love the way that the lore just gets more and more expanded as the movie moves along.

One thing that I do have to say about Troll is the dubbing. I know some of you are probably surprised I did not just watch this with subtitles. However, the dubbing here is great, it all felt very natural and I am glad I watched it this way. The performances were great and nothing felt lost because I watched the dubbed version of the movie.

Netflix had some awesome original movies that they put out in 2022 and this one here is one of the best. This is truly one of the best big monster movies I have seen in a long time and I hope that they make a sequel! I highly recommend that you grand some snacks, a couple of sodas, and just have an awesome time watching this, I have watched it twice already and I will probably watch it again at some point in 2023!

Troll is a 2022 monster film that is set in Norway. Download it now and see what happened in the mountains of Dovre.
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Troll Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The troll in this movie looks amazing!
  • I love the whole backstory and lore of the trolls in Norway
  • It is a fast-paced and very fun action movie
  • The English dubbing in this movie is fantastic, seriously some of the best I have experienced!
  • If big action-packed-monster-destroying-the-city movies are not usually your thing, this may not click for you
  • I need some confirmation from Netflix that they are making another movie!
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