Trolls World Tour (Trolls 2)

The 2016 Trolls movie was a charming family animated movie from DreamWorks. It looked like a million bucks, had some great songs, and was a fun time for the parents and the kids. As the movie was a huge hit, a sequel was pretty much inevitable and in 2020 it was penciled in as one of the big family movies for the year. The title of the movie is Trolls World Tour but in some countries, it was dubbed Trolls 2.

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In all honesty, the most interesting thing about Trolls World Tour is the stuff that went on behind the scene. This movie dropped in certain areas just as Covid-19 hit, so it had a minimal theatrical run. This was the first big movie to be released as a digital rental in 2020 and it shook things up considerably.

To start with, the movie made a decent amount of money and they were so happy with it they talked about releasing featuring movies in this way. This did not sit well with AMC who stated they would no longer show movies from Universal! It was pretty crazy stuff and you have to wonder if they will stick to this?

Anyway, let’s get to the actual movie, Trolls World Tour. They managed to get the cast back so Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, and James Cordon are all back. They are joined by a stellar cast including the rock troll Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom) and her rock god dad who is played by Ozzy Osborne which is freaking awesome.

The first Trolls movie was good as the chemistry between Justin Timberlake’s Branch and Anna Kendrick’s Poppy was hilarious. This time around Branch is trying to build up the courage to tell Poppy that he likes her. Things are greatly complicated when these Trolls find out that they are one of six different tribes!

The Trolls from the first movie represent pop music. Each of the other five tribes represents a different kind of music and they each have their own string. Queen Barb of the rock trolls wants to make rock the only kind of music around and Poppy, Branch and the rest set out to try and show her that is not the way to go.

The highlights of this movie for me was most certainly Queen Barb and her dad. The idea of Poppy and Branch trying to unite all of the musical troll tribes is pretty cool. The execution on the other hand is not quite as good as the first movie. Trolls World Tour once again has some great music and funny lines.

Yet, the whole thing feels much shallower than it did in the first movie. While the first movie managed to be a real family affair, this one is much more aimed at just the kids. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but parents may not have a smile on their face the whole time they are watching this like they did the first.

If you have children that enjoyed the first Trolls movie, I would say it is a safe bet that they will enjoy Trolls World Tour. I felt that it did lack the charm that the first movie had and while it does have its moments. This is 100 percent a kid’s movie that is just about getting the kids into it and not the whole family.

Trolls World Tour
Trolls World Tour is a sequel to a highly successul animated comedy movie. Download it now and have a good time.
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