Tron is one of those movies that I would watch over and over again as a child. We had a pirate copy of this and I watched it so much that it eventually gave out! Tron is an all-time classic and the kind of movie that I will put on when I have had a hard day and need cheering up or if I cannot think of what to watch and just want to watch something I know I will have fun with.

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The Movie Review

I even love Tron: Legacy and over the years I have played pretty much all of the Tron games and enjoyed them. As I write this we are still waiting for Tron to be remastered and released in 4K. Do not get me wrong, the Blu-Ray is fine and a huge upgrade from the DVD, but I want this in 4K. Actually, that just reminded me, where the heck is the Tron: Legacy 4K that was supposed to come out?

Timeless Relevance of Tron

Ok, enough ranting about Tron on 4K. Tron is a movie that you have to just watch and accept it as it is. The funny thing is, this was released in 1982 and many of the things that are going on in this movie are relevant now. From having a digital presence to the boom of AI, these are two of the main themes in the original Tron and they are certainly very relevant in regards to today’s world.

The Plot of Tron

Tron is the story of a man called Kevin Flynn who is a video game programmer. Flynn was forced out of the place he worked and now has a video arcade. The place he worked, ENCOM is basically being ruled by an AI called the Master Control Program, or the MCP if you prefer.

Flynn has been trying to hack into the mainframe to get proof that he was forced out and he really is the creator of these amazing games. However, Flynn is pulled into something even bigger than that! Flynn ends up going on a dangerous mission to ENCOM and he ends up digitized by the MCP and put into the game world where it rules with an iron fist.

Flynn is not alone as there is a program called Tron that is going to help him get out and also put a stop to the tyranny of the MCP. The thing with Tron is, is that it is a kind of hard movie to give a quick plot synopsis of. Basically, a guy gets sucked into a video game and has to compete in a bunch of games and try to find a way out.

Why Tron Stands Out

That is the plot of Tron in its most basic sense, but I have always felt that there was a lot of depth here in regard to the world that these programs/users live in.  Tron is one of those movies that those who love it, really love it and those who do not, do not care for it at all. My wife for example always says that Tron is one of the most boring movies she has ever seen. To be fair, I can see how if you are not into video games and tech, Tron may be a bit hard to follow or care about.

Tron: A Visual and Technical Marvel

I have this on 3D Blu-Ray and it looks great, granted some of the stuff looks a bit dated as this CG is like 40 years old as I write this. Still, Tron has a charm to it and what they were able to do with the technology they had is amazing. I would love to see this get a full 4K remaster to see just how much better they could make it. I would also love to see Super 7 lower the prices on the ridiculously overpriced Reaction Tron figures, but that is a rant for another time!

Tron is a 1982 sci-fi classic where a programmer is digitized into a computer world, battling an AI with the help of a security program. Download it now.
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  • As a kid, I thought that Flynn was the coolest guy in the world to me and he still is cool!
  • It is awesome how the plot is relevant today
  • I think that these dated effects have a ton of charm to them
  • I just love the whole world of Tron and have done since I was a kid
  • While I love the visuals, they do look dated
  • There are some people that just do not click with Tron and to be honest, I can see why
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