Turbo (2013)

Turbo was released in 2013 by DreamWorks and it is a fantastic family movie. This is a movie that my son would want to watch over and over again, he was a real Turbo fanatic! It is one of those movies that I feel is just perfect for a family movie night. In typical DreamWorks fashion, the movie is something adults will have fun with also.

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The movie is directed by David Soren who has done some great work for DreamWorks before. David Soren as well as directing the movie also came up with the story for the movie too. The movie was not a global smash, but it did do well enough for Netflix to create a Turbo animated series.

Turbo also has a stacked voice cast, Ryan Reynolds voices Turbo (Theo) the main character. We also get performances from the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Giamatti, Snoop Dog, Michael Pena, Bill Hader, and many more great actors. You know, I actually think Turbo may have one of the best voice casts of any DreamWorks movie.

I would wager that even if you have not seen the movie, you know that the story is about a fast snail who likes to race! While that is a very basic summary of the plot, it is really what it is all about. Theo (Turbo) dreams of being the fastest snail around and racing in the Indy 500. His fellow snails make fun of him and think he should slow things down and just focus on his work.

Well, one night while roaming around in the middle of the road, Theo gets snapped up into the engine of this souped-up street racing car and the nitro oxide fuses with his DNA and this is what gives him super speed. His first attempt at using this new speed does not go well, actually, he and his brother Chet end up fired from the garden they are working in.

Eventually, Turbo and Chet end up at this food truck run by a guy called Tito. Tito has dreams of his own and realizing how special Turbo is, the two become friends. Tito starts racing Turbo against other snails and these other snails are not like the snails Turbo and Chet have known before. These guys are racers themselves and they are full of attitude.

Turbo wants to race and Chet wants to have the best food truck around. Somehow (no spoilers) Turbo manages to get himself invited to race in the Indy 500! Look, I know the movie sounds ridiculous, but it works. The movie is very well written has some great humor and thanks to the relationship between Chet and Turbo, it also has a lot of heart.

This is a really fun movie and as I said, the kind of movie that adults will get a chuckle out of too. It is very easy to see why kids loved this and I highly recommend you watch this with the kids. It also looks amazing too, even though as I write this Turbo is close to 10 years old and it still looks fantastic. Plus, it has some of the best vocal performances of any DreamWorks movie!

Turbo is a computer-animated comedy film released by Dreamworks Animation. It tells the story of a garden snail named Theo who dreams of becoming the world's fastest snail ever. Download it now.
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