Under Siege

From what Steven Seagal has to offer, actually off the top of my head, I cannot think of a movie of his I like better! This is just so much fun, the kind of movie I can fire up and always have a fun time with after a hard day.

How to Download Under Siege

Under Siege was released on October 9, 1992. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you like Steven Seagal you should also check him out in The Patriot.

The Movie Review

Under Siege was released in 1992 and it has the look and feel of an 80s action movie. By the time the mid to late 90s came around, this type of movie was not quite as common. In that regard, I would consider Under Siege as one of the bigger hits of the last wave of big time Hollywood action movies of the 90s. Not sure what I would say for me was the last of this style of movie, perhaps Van Damme and Rodman’s Double Team.

Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback

The plot of the movie is quite simple. Steven Seagal plays the role of Casey Ryback (or Casey F’N Ryback if you prefer) and he is a cook on board the USS Missouri. Casey Ryback though is not just a “cook” he was a former elite Navy Seal who was an expert at counter-terrorism and who was discharged after an incident and Captain Adams is a fan of his and has him as part of his team on the Missouri.

The Hostage Situation

A special birthday party is being thrown for Captain Adams, but things go to hell. You see there is a madman called William Strannix who along with his team of mercenaries, takes charge of the Missouri and takes people hostage. It is a bloodbath and he has a little help on the inside. I will not spoil who it is, but it is pretty obvious.

Casey Ryback’s Heroic Stand

The thing is, Strannix had no idea that there was a badass like Casey Ryback onboard the ship and Ryback along with a stripper who was hired for the party are going to try and take the ship back! The plot is about as 80s and early 90s big time action movie as you can get and I just love it. It may be cheesy as hell, but it works and the cast really commit to it.

Action Movie Legends

Steven Seagal is pretty much Steven Seagal in this movie, if you have seen any of his 80s and 90s stuff, he is pretty much the same as he always is here. However, Tommy Lee Jones as Strannix is awesome and adds some real weight to the stakes as he is crazy, but you fully believe everything he says and does. We also get a super fun performance from Gary Busey who is at his very crazy best right here.

Final Thoughts

If you love action movies, especially those from the 80s and 90s, there is no way that you will not have a fun time with Under Siege. I got this along with Under Siege 2 on Blu-Ray for £6 and that is an awesome deal. I highly recommend you give this a watch if you have not seen it in a long time or if you have never seen it, but are in the mood for something where you can turn your brain off and just have some fun.

Under Siege
Under Siege is a 1992 action movie where Steven Seagal plays a Navy SEAL-turned-cook who battles terrorists on a battleship. Download it now.
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Under Siege Review Summary

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  • Casey Ryback is one of Seagal’s best characters
  • Tommy Lee Jones is excellent as the villain
  • Garey Busey is a ton of fun here
  • This has everything you could want in an early 90s action movie!
  • If you do not like Steven Seagal, you will probably not like this
  • The Blu-Ray is good, but a cool 4K release with a bunch of extras would be great
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