Venom is a 2018 downloadable superhero film. This exciting title was produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. The film is based on the Marvel character of the same name that first made its debut in Spider-Man 3. It is directed by Ruben Fleischer and features a cast consisting of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom, Michelle Williams (Anne Weying), Riz Ahmed (Carlton Drake/Riot), Scott Haze (Security Chief Roland Treece), Reid Scott (Dr. Dan Lewis), Jenny Slate as Dr. Dora Skirth, and many others.

How to Stream or Download Venom

You can stream it or you can download Venom from iTunes as a pre-order. The movie is available in several languages but the much sought Tamil and Hindi might not be included in the multi-language package. If you like movies where regular heroes become superheroes you simply must also download and watch Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Film Review

The Plot

Released on 1st October 2018, Venom follows the story of an ambitious journalist named Eddy Brock whose body is soon invaded by an alien called symbiote. In exchange for giving Brock extraordinary abilities, the symbiote species plan on using him to take over the Earth. The film is available to play at cinemas in all major countries.

After being overshadowed in the previous films, Venom finally gets its very own movie and what better way to go solo than hiring the veteran Tom Hardy himself to play as Eddy Brock.

Hardy, who has already had success in playing popular villainous characters such as Bane, is inadvertently considered to be an anti-hero specialist. This time, he gets to play the role of a journalist whose life seems to be tattered, all before he gets infected by a brain-eating monster.

Quite opposite to what the trailer portrayed, however, Venom’s conversations with Brock seem somewhat like a parody mixed with a hint of humor. The highlight of the film is arguably the transformation of Brock to Venom, and effects that take place during numerous action sequences.

Despite what anyone might think of the film as a whole, it cannot be denied how well the artists and designers have worked to create the monster that is Venom.

Venom: the Movie Reception

With the hefty cast as well as the hype created by the distributors, Venom has been a success. It happened even despite the fact that the release timings were a bit off in terms of how it was released only a few weeks after The Predator. Fans could not be expecting another film with the same storyline of an alien landing on earth and trying to take over the world.

Some might argue that the film itself was very slow in progression. This might be true as it was not even until the 45th minute that fans could witness the entire sharp-toothed face of Venom.

Setting up a foundation is alright but going in too deep about Brock’s everyday lifestyle such as his neighbor’s constant rants were not something fans looked forward to. Lastly, not many people might have noticed this but the chemistry between Hardy and Williams could be clearly seen out of synch.

It might be argued that despite the success at the box office the two captivating giants of the Hollywood film industry were clearly not performing at their full potential.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the film is neither spectacular nor a total failure. It lacks some of its most essential ingredients such as a solid storyline and a more or less serious tone, but the film still manages to wow the crowd thanks to its redefining graphics and the aura of Venom itself. To get the full experience, it is recommended that the film should be seen at a cinema.

Venom is a superhero movie. The protagonist is a journalist who gains alien superpowers. Download it now to see how it happened.
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