Who Framed Roger Rabbit

If you were to do a list of 80s classics, Who Framed Roger Rabbit would have to be on that list! This is one of the most awesome and iconic “animated” movies of all time and it is a movie that is just as much fun today as it was back then. It certainly has a real 80s feel about it, but I class that as a very good thing.

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I have such a great memory of going to see this movie in the theatre in 1988 with my uncle, we both had a fun time and loved the movie. I also have a great memory of getting the VHS for Christmas the following year. A memory that is made a little sour as that same year I also got Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the NES and that game sucked big time!

Robert Zemeckis is one of my all-time favorite directors and if I were to do a top five Robert Zemeckis movies, Who Framed Roger Rabbit would be on it and close to the top of that list. This is him at his absolute best and the movie is a lot of fun and also has a lot of action, a few scares, and a style that makes it something truly unique.

The “gimmick” of Who Framed Roger Rabbit is that it mixes live-action with classic animation. In this world, toons and humans live together and we have a hardnosed detective called, Eddie Valliant who after his brother was killed by a toon, has developed a real hatred towards toons!

Eddie is hired by the head of a cartoon studio to try and see why his main star; Rodger Rabbit is so down lately. Eddie starts to do his detective thing and this leads him to Rodger’s wife, the super-hot Jessica Rabbit! I do not want to go into spoilers here for those who have not seen the movie.

However, a murder occurs and Rodger is the main suspect. Rodger and Eddie make a very unlikely team as they try to survive and bring the real killer to justice. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is pretty much a film noir-style detective story and it is arguably one of the greatest of all time. It just so happens to have a lot of comedy in it as well!

I feel that the story holds up very well to this day and when the big reveal happens at the end of the movie, I remember being legit shocked and a bit scared as a kid. I watched this with my son many years ago and it was so awesome seeing his reaction to Judge Doom, it brought me right back to when I was a kid.

I truly cannot say enough positive things about this movie, it is pretty much perfect to me. A huge thing that I get a kick out of with Who Framed Roger Rabbit these days is how they have Warner Bros and Disney characters mixing together. That would never happen in a million years these days and I am kind of surprised that in 2021, Disney released a 4K version of this which looks fantastic by the way.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is regarded as an all-time classic for a very good reason. This is a movie that is just as good today as it was back in 1988. I feel that this is a movie that is great for adults who grew up with it, but also for a whole new generation of movie watchers too. I highly recommend picking up the 4K which is one of the best releases Disney has done in years!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a live-action animated comedy from 1988. Download it now and try to solve the captivating mystery.
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Bob Hoskins delivers an all-time great performance here
  • I love how there are properties from many different studios in this movie
  • This is the greatest blend of live-action and animation of all time
  • The somewhat recent 4K release by Disney is incredible
  • As awesome as the 4K release is, I do wish they had more extras on it
  • As much as I love this movie, it is a real shame how bad that NES game is!
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