Wild Hogs

I have a huge soft spot for 2007’s Wild Hogs. My dad is a biker and he loves this movie I have seen it a few times myself and it always makes me laugh. It is not the kind of movie that is going to make you think, but it is so much fun. It is one of those movies that does not get a ton of positive reviews, but I have always enjoyed it and it is the kind of movie you can put on after a long day or week and just unwind and have a good time with.

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Wild Hogs was released on March 2, 2007. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you like road movies, check out also our reviews of Dog, Vacation, or Rain Main.

The Movie Review

Wild Hogs is about a biker gang! It is not what you are thinking though, The Wild Hogs are made up of Doug, Woody, Bobby, and Dudley and they are middle-aged men all dealing with their own troubles. I think that all four guys are likable in their own way and I love how each of them has their own distinct personality.

Character Analysis

Doug is played by Tim Allen and he is kind of like the “straight man” and most normal one of the group. Doug has trouble bonding with his teenage son and kind of misses the old days when he was cool. Woody who is played by John Travolta at first glance looks like he is living the dream! He is rich, has a supermodel wife and he is cool. However, all is not what it seems and Woody’s life is falling apart.

Next up we have Bobby who is played by Martin Lawrence. Bobby is a plumber, but he has a super successful wife who along with his daughters and mother-in-law all emasculate him on a regular basis! Dudley is the wild card of the group and is played by William H Macey. Dudley is such a likable goofball, even if he is the worst guy to ever ride a motorcycle!

Road Trip Adventure

With Woody’s life being an absolute mess he has a great idea. Woody convinces the other guys that they should head out on a bike road trip for a few days. It takes some convincing, but they agree to it and then they hit the open road. I think the chemistry of our four leads is really awesome here.

One of my favorite moments is when they stop to camp in the woods and come across a natural spring, along with a rather “too-friendly” patrolman played by John C McGinley. It is kind of like a road trip movie and while it all starts great, they find what they consider to be a real biker bar and head on in for a few drinks.

Showdown with the Del Fuegos

This is a rough and pretty run-down biker bar. This biker bar is the home of the Del Fuegos biker gang that is led by Jack Blade who is played by Ray Liotta. Jack tricks Dudley and ends up taking his bike as a result. Jack is a real jerk, but Woody wants to stand up to him, he does, and let’s just say it does not go too well.

Our Wild Hogs find a small town to hang out in and they are having a great time, especially Dudley. The Del Fuegos show up looking for trouble and that is when all hell breaks loose. Look, I am not going to say that this is an all-time classic, but it is a fun time and a movie that is great for the whole family. If you are in the mood for something light and fun with an epic cast, give Wild Hogs a try.

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs is a hilarious comedy about four middle-aged friends who embark on a motorcycle road trip adventure. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Wild Hogs Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Our four main cast members are a lot of fun together
  • I liked the silly slapstick style comedy
  • It is a great movie to relax and have fun with
  • If you are into bikes, you will get a kick out of all the awesome bikes
  • It sucks that they never made the planned sequel
  • I am in the minority on this one as many movie “experts” hate this!
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