Wizards: Tales of Arcadia

Wizards: Tales of Arcadia had a lot of hype behind it before it was released. Since it is billed as the final part of Guillermo Del Toro’s Tales of Arcadia trilogy, fans of Trollhunters and 3Below here should be very excited about this. My son and I actually ended up binge-watching the whole season in just two sittings the weekend it was released.

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Speaking of “season” it is worth noting that Wizards: Tales of Arcadia is classed as a limited series as it is a one-and-done series to get us to the Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans Netflix movie that aired in 2021. Do not get me wrong, I am not hating on it for that, but I perhaps would have liked to have seen a bit more of Douxie doing his wizard thing.

As to be expected, you are going to get way more out of this if you have watched Trollhunters and 3Below before you jump in here. It is a direct continuation as we see Douxie traveling through time to put together a team, a team that has some very familiar and memorable characters for those of us that have watched the previous two series.

The show has the same kind of action, humor, and character development that you would expect. I really liked the relationship between Douxie and his familiar Archie and felt that they had a lot of character growth by the time the series came to its end. I have to say the way it jumped between time periods in that first episode was very well done.

The show managed to really make me care more about certain characters by the end of it. At first, I really did not like Merlin at all, but by the end of the show, I felt that they did his story arc justice. Morgan Le Fey is another character that I feel had a very interesting story arc in this show. It was also a lot of fun getting to see Steve as a knight to and him become a more likable character.

I am a huge fan of the whole style of this show and the series in general. The whole Knights of the Round table thing that Wizards: Tales of Arcadia has going on is a lot of fun and something that I think fits very well with the Trollhunters series and it even works with the more sci-fi 3Below series too.

The presentation of this show is great. As we go to different periods of time in the show, it is perhaps the most diverse out of the three shows when it comes to the way it looks. It looks quite unique, but at the same time, it still very much has that Tales of Arcadis style we saw in Trollhunters and 3Below.

The voice cast is once again fantastic. Bringing back key actors from the last two shows as well as adding a few new ones in too, everyone is on their A-game here and delivering fantastic performances. It is these performances (and the writing of course) that make this a show and series that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their age.

The more I think about it the harder it is for me to pick which show I like best out of the three series that make up the Tales of Arcadia saga. I think if I had to rank them, I would go like this, 3Below, Wizards, Trollhunters. However, I do have to say that they are all fantastic and well worth your time watching. This is a tremendous and epic saga that is great to watch, no matter if you are 8, 16, 30, or 90!

Wizards: Tales of Arcadia
Wizards: Tales of Arcadia is the third TV series (after Trollhunters and 3Below) in the fantasy animated trilogy created by Guillermo del Toro. Download it now and have fun,
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Wizards: Tales of Arcadia Review Summary

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  • It is a great way to end the saga while leaving it open for the movie
  • This is the most interesting looking of all the three shows
  • We get some fantastic character growth and backstory
  • This is the kind of show that the whole family can enjoy
  • I do wish that we perhaps got another season or a couple more episodes before the movie
  • It may seem like a big commitment to some people to watch this, two other shows, and then a movie too!
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