Wrath of the Titans

For years, epic films have captivated audiences. But nowadays, it takes more than just eye-popping visuals and adrenaline-fueled action to leave a lasting impression. Unfortunately, epics have lost their luster and have become just like any other run-of-the-mill movie. To truly engage the audience, the characters must be well-crafted and their journeys must be meaningful. The dialogue must be richly textured, and the plot must at least try to be unpredictable. Regrettably, Wrath of the Titans failed to recognize this fact and fell short of greatness, despite being an enjoyable watch.

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The Movie Review

The story follows Perseus, the demigod son of Zeus, as he is called upon to rescue his father, who has been captured by his own brother Hades and their father Cronus, the leader of the Titans. With the help of Queen Andromeda, Poseidon’s demigod son Agenor, and a fallen god named Hephaestus, Perseus embarks on a dangerous quest through the underworld and beyond to save Zeus, as well as prevent the Titans from unleashing their wrath upon the world.

With a predictable storyline that follows a linear path, Wrath of the Titans fails to captivate audiences with any sense of novelty. The labyrinth, Kronos, and the notion that being part human can make one stronger than a god are all tired tropes of Greek mythology that will leave any well-versed viewer feeling bored.

It’s as if the screenwriter had read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and simply repurposed the series for an adult audience. Thankfully, the film is not a total loss, thanks in part to its well-written dialogue, which often comes as a saving grace.

If you’re willing to overlook the lack of originality and simply enjoy the spectacle, it can be an entertaining watch. In essence, the mythological tale of gods overthrowing titans is inherently fascinating; it’s just been done to death. As expected in most Greek mythology-based storylines, Ares and Hades are once again cast as the antagonists, leaving the audience with a sense of déjà vu.

The romantic interest from the previous movie has been written off, without even being recast, leaving a glaring gap in the plot.

At times, the movie drags its feet, taking its sweet time to pick up the pace, resulting in a lack of engagement with either the storyline or its characters. A few of the characters seem to serve no purpose other than to provide comic relief, with mixed results.

Nonetheless, Sam Worthington delivers a solid performance, showcasing his often-overlooked talent. While the movie doesn’t necessarily break any new ground, it’s far from being an utter failure.

As expected, Liam Neeson’s presence on screen is a highlight. The remaining cast is not particularly noteworthy, but they’re not entirely bland either, they’re just alright. A tacked-on romance between Worthington’s character and a female side character feels pointless and superfluous, adding nothing of substance to the story.

The action in Wrath of the Titans is undoubtedly the movie’s strongest aspect, making it a worthwhile watch for those seeking an adrenaline-packed adventure. While other elements of the film may falter, the action sequences are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat, fully engrossed in the mayhem unfolding on screen. What makes these sequences even more impressive is the film’s stunning CGI and superb creature designs.

The special effects team has done an incredible job bringing the various mythological creatures to life, and their animations are truly awe-inspiring. From the giant Cyclops to the multi-headed Chimera, each creature is fantastically crafted, adding to the movie’s epic feel.

When it comes to presentation though, neither the cinematography nor the music really hit home here. They seem like the most generic versions of both picturization and the sonic aspects that could be found in a big epic blockbuster like this.

They are grand, showcasing the locations with lots of shots of the design of this world, and the music has an incredibly large amount of orchestral tunes. However, none of the shots are memorable, nor are any of the songs.


Overall, Wrath of the Titans is one of the most generic films you can find in its genre. However, that doesn’t mean that it is destined to be a bad film in general. It may be lacking in originality, with a predictable storyline that follows a linear path and tired tropes of Greek mythology. However, it still manages to provide a thrilling spectacle. No matter what you enjoy in a film, there is always an entertainment factor that will keep films like this high on the fun scale.

Wrath of the Titans
Wrath of the Titans is a fantasy film from 2012. Download it now and see what happened 10 years after Kraken was defeated.
5 Total Score
Wrath of the Titans Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Action sequences are well-choreographed and engaging
  • CGI is fantastic, and the creature designs are great
  • The dialogue is well-written and enjoyable
  • Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson deliver solid performances
  • The storyline is predictable and lacks originality
  • Characters are not particularly interesting or memorable
  • Some characters serve only to provide hit-or-miss comic relief
  • Romantic subplot feels pointless and unneeded
  • The cinematography and music are generic and unmemorable
  • The plot drags in places multiple times throughout the film
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