X-Men: Days of Future Past

Let me start by saying that X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) is not just my favorite X-Men movie, but it is one of my favorite comic book arcs of all time. Not to mention my favorite arc in the 90s X-Men animated series. So it goes without saying that this what was the seventh X-Men movie is a movie I hold in very high regard.

How to Stream or Download X-Men: Days of Future Past

You can stream it or you can download X-Men: Days of Future Past from iTunes. If you’re a fan of the series be sure also to check out X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool (both were released 2016), Logan (2017) and Deadpool 2 (2018).

The Movie Review

X-Men: Days of Future Past is actually a very ambitious movie. X-Men First Class many had thought rebooted the franchise and this was to be a new series of X-Men. However, it was very much in the same movie universe that had been around since 2000. X-Men: Days of Future Past is the melding together of these two movie universes. It sounds like it should be a mess, but it works very well.

The movie at first is set in the future. The X-Men along with Magneto are on the run from Sentinels. These are giant mutant-hunting and killing machines which can adapt to any mutant they come across in order to kill them. Charles Xavier who in this section is played by Patrick Stewart is able to use Kitty Pryde’s abilities to send Wolverines consciousness back in time in order to stop the mutant threat.

Any movie that is dealing with time travel has the potential to be a mess, but X-Men: Days of Future Past handles it very well. In the future, we have Ian McKellen playing Magneto once again and it is awesome to see him in the role. Halle Berry is once again Storm and we also have Shawn Ashmore as Iceman. It is great seeing the band together again, along with mutants such as Forge, Warpath, and Blink.

Most of the movie does take place in the past. Here Wolverine needs to convince a younger Charles Xavier (played by James McAvoy) that there is a real threat to mutant kind. This is a very different Charles Xavier and it is great to see. He is a bit of a jerk and he is suppressing his powers. Eventually, Wolverine manages to get him on board and the set out to stop the Sentinels.

Complicating things are Magneto (played by Michael Fassbender) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) not to mention the relationship that Charles has with both of them. It is great to see a wiser Wolverine taking more of a leadership role. I would go as far to say that this (as well as Logan) as Hugh Jackman’s best performances as Wolverine.

X-Men: Days of Future Past has so much going on that it is really hard to talk fully about the plot. It all comes together and the way it actually wipes out X-Men The Last Stand is really clever.

The special effects are fantastic and while some purists may not like the design of Sentinels, I think they look cool and work very well in the movie. While it makes some changes to the comic book arc, I will say that I do think the changes that were made from the comic book work well in terms of the X-Men movie universe.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is a really fantastic movie. It is smart, has a lot of action, has many of your favorite characters and it ties things up far better than many thought it would. It is by far the best of the X-Men movies and it is one of the best comic book movies in general. Without a doubt this has to be in your collection, just make sure get the X-Men: Days of Future Past Rough Cut as that is the definitive edition.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
X-Men: Days of Future Past is the seventh movie from the acclaimed superhero series. Download it now and have fun following a time travel story.
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