You is one of the best thriller series that I have ever seen! As I write this the first three seasons are on Netflix and so is half of season 3, with the second half due on March 9th. I am waiting for all of season 3 to be on Netflix before I watch it so this review is just based on the first three seasons of You.

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I am trying to figure out how to format this review as the less you know about You the better the show will be. I came in after the first three seasons had aired and I ended up watching all three seasons in a week! It is the kind of show that you need to know what happens next, that is the main reason I refused to watch the first half of season 4, I want to binge-watch it all and not have to wait a week for the next episode!

The main character in You is a man called Joe. Joe lives in New York and works in a nice bookstore that is mainly about old books. Joe has a real appreciation for old books and is a very smart man. He starts off incredibly likable and even when he turns out to be the villain of this story, you still kind of like him.

He comes across a beautiful young woman called Beck and he takes an instant liking to her. Saying that Joe likes Beck is an understatement, he is obsessed with her and before he makes his move, he stalks her. The level of stalking that Joe does is crazy and you always wonder if he gets caught.

Joe eventually works his way into Beck’s life and we start to see Joe for the master manipulator that he is! The way the relationship between Joe and Beck unfolds is just captivating. However, we start to learn more and more about Joe including that a girl he was dating before mysteriously disappeared!

Things just get crazier and crazier for Joe and we also start to realize that Beck is not exactly “normal” either. The second season takes place in LA and the third season is much more of a direct continuation of season 2 than season 2 is of season 1. Although, it is all connected.

Look, I am kind of limited in what I can say about You seasons 2 and 3 as I do not want to spoil season 1! The casting in this show is great, Penn Badgley as Joe and Elizabeth Lail as Beck have amazing chemistry. Season 2 introduces a much larger and more filled-out cast of characters for Joe to interact with including a great role for Jenna Ortega.

We have a fantastic pair of characters in season 2 in Love and Forty, twins from a very affluent LA family. Love, Forty, and Joe make for a fantastic threesome and their interactions are very entertaining. For me, season 3 is the best as the ending of season 2 is just insane and the way season 3 builds on this was truly awesome stuff.

I know that I have been vague about the plot of You, but the premise of You, is basically a troubled and dangerous man becoming infatuated with women and being willing to do anything to get into their lives. It is a sexy, smart, and violent thriller kind of show and one of the best shows of this style that I have ever seen. Even though I have not yet watched season 4, You is a 10/10 show for me.

You is a thriller TV series based on books by American writer Caroline Kepnes (1976). Download it now and have a thrilling time.
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  • Joe is one of the most compelling characters ever!
  • You never know what the heck is going to happen next
  • The show is one of the best thriller-style shows on Netflix
  • I love the whole style of the show, LA and New York look fantastic
  • As of writing, I cannot speak of the quality of season 3
  • It does not look like Netflix has renewed this for a fifth season as of me writing this
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