AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck is the first single from the Razor Edge album released by AC/DC in 1990. The song is almost five minutes long, relating to the hard rock and heavy metal genres. Angus Young and Malcolm Young wrote the song. It was produced by Bruce Fairbairn and ATOC label.

How to Download AC/DC – Thunderstruck

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The Song Review

Thunderstruck by AC/DC – the Video

The music video begins by providing a first-person perspective from the drummer. Later on, the view changes to the guitarist with the crowd chanting alongside the tunes. The frame switches to a second-person perspective with AC/DC playing on stage at a concert. The band members are dressed in button-downs with a blazer on top.

The cameraperson provides a 360 view of the audience that is admiring the music in different height rows. They stay entertained with the loud music and guitar solos, the signature of the rock and roll genre. Toward the center of the video, the drumming and audio become more intense. The camera continues to switch between the audience and the band. It concludes with the audience members rocking their heads and the guitarist providing another solo.

Thunderstruck by AC/DC – the Meaning of the Lyrics

The song’s title, “Thunderstruck,” symbolizes the connection the rock genre creates when hitting the listener’s heart. The song also signals the power and influence AC/DC had over their loyal fans. The first verse explains an unstable relationship. Brian seems stuck in the middle, with no one helping or guiding him.

The second verse is completely unrelated to the first verse. The band members sing about individual identity. We assume it’s about a trip to Texas where they met multiple women and engaged in lewd activities. They justify their actions by saying it was a fun and good time.

The chorus concludes the song by telling the listener that they have been “thunderstruck” by the power of music. The band members take it as a self-credit as their music can transport the audience into another realm. The song ends with overexcited tones.

Final Words

You will realize the deeper meaning of Thunderstruck after listening to it a few times. It is one of the most recommended AC/DC songs because of the raw music transference and the energy it showcases. We realize listening to it at nighttime. Perhaps you will establish reliability.

About AC/DC

Malcolm and Angus Young created AC/DC in Sydney in 1973. Although Scottish, the brothers were always attracted to blues rock, heavy metal, and hard rock. However, their lineup was not confirmed until 1975, when Phil Rudd, Mark Evans, and Bon Scott were added to the instruments. Unfortunately, Scott passed away five years after alcohol poisoning from heavy drinking.

The band, at this point, was considering going their ways. However, they decided to hire Brian Johnson to replace their previous band member. They named the brand Alternating Current/Direct Current to represent the undying circuitry their music offers.

AC/DC - Thunderstruck
Thunderstruck is a hit song by the famous Australian rock band AC/DC that was released in 1990.. Download it now and have an energy boost.
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AC/DC - Thunderstruck Review Summary

  • The video and the lyrics are straightforward, making the song easier to understand
  • The video connects with the audience at a deeper level, with the band addressing the listeners directly
  • The fashion and color scheme are related to the era the song was produced in
  • The lack of transitions and visuals effect makes the video unappealing
  • The lyrics take some to understand
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