Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Like any one of us, Adele was suffering from a rough breakup. The boyfriend was refusing to listen to her perspective while his hurtful actions pushed them apart. He had mistreated her. Finally, one day, Adele had had enough of the confrontations.

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The Song Review

The Song Interpretation

The song begins with the Finally, I can see you crystal clear. The singer Adele realizes the bitter reality of a manipulative and vindictive ex-lover. Like most of her songs, Rolling in the deep is also about heartbreak. The singer is vocal about her then-ex being abusive and responsible for her shattering self-esteem.

Consider the lyrics as an anticipatory interpretation of the ex-lover’s action. It is a conversation between the two where she will do the same if the ex threatens to reveal Adele’s secrets. The lyric representing the constant back and forth is Lay your S&!@ bare. Pardon our French!

The lyric Could have it all is signaling the singer and her ex could have enjoyed the fame and riches. Alas, their relationship took a dark turn where both of them had had enough. However, the singer chooses to step back instead of becoming spiteful.

Continuing on the manipulative theme, Adele says there is no story to be told. The phrase means Adele will not be blackmailed or emotionally controlled. She has no secrets, and she is not ashamed at all. However, she does mention revealing the partner’s secrets in the future. For his sake! However, let’s just hope it does not come to that.

Before the song concludes, the last verse is the apex of the entire song. It is full of upbeat tempo, beautiful lyrics, and handclaps. Adele sings,

Turn your sorrow into treasured gold

Count your blessings to find what you look for

Turned my sorrow into treasured gold

You pay me back in kind and reap just what you sow

The third verse further emphasizes her suffrage in a toxic relationship. She has been emotionally broken, which inspired her to write the song. It’s her therapy since the ex will reap what he sowed, signaling the manipulative and hostile environment was her ex’s doing.

Rolling in the Deep Video

The video begins with the singer sitting right side to the camera. The background is very English with the white door and a curved wood dining chair, and the lighting is dimmed to imply sorrow but no remorse. The frame immediately switches to an under-constructed room, implying the future with her partner has come to an end.

The singer is wearing a black dress and a gold sequin neckline. Her makeup is a glossy lip with smoky eyes and hair in a large bun. Adele is ready to take on the challenge and fight for herself.  She has dressed appropriately for the occasion with her well-put-together and powerful wardrobe.

As the tempo of Rolling in the Deep builds, the music video highlights drinking glasses. These are filled with water which jumps to the beat of the music, signaling development or an approaching storm. Adele is not known for backup dancers. With vocal prowess like hers, who can blame her!

However, after every few frames, the video switches to a single male dancer performing ballet turns. He is dressed up as 18th-century royalty with a walking stick. The dancer performs in a closed room with a tiny window and floor covered with white powder. The video won the best editing, cinematography, and art direction at the MTV VMA Awards 2011.

Time to Roll Down to a Close (Ha!)

The song is an accurate representation of Adele’s musical and lyrical talent. She is able to communicate her feelings about her precious lover in a therapeutic, sane manner. Honestly, how many of us in previous relationships have done that lately?

Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Rolling in the Deep is a song by Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (1988) that is featured on her second studio album called 21 that was released in 2011. Download it now and have a good time.
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