Alan Walker – Alone

Alone is a famous song by the well-known DJ and Norwegian record producer Alan Walker! On December 2nd, 2016, this music video was released on Walker’s YouTube channel, and by 2021, this song had earned a record of 1.2 billion views.

The whole theme of the music video revolves around the concept of being alone. Singers of the song are trying to depict the image that each of them depends on one another for emotional support. They cannot survive alone in this world.

How to Download Alan Walker – Alone

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Alan Walker check out also our review of Faded.

The Song Review

Alan Walker – Alone – the Meaning of the Lyrics

From the lyrical point of view, the song is quite simple in wording and perfectly delivers the message. The song is all about the expression of unity and has a mix of sadness and happiness emotions.

The song lyrics explain the feeling that even if someone is not close to you physically but emotionally, they are around you as a support system. It would help if you always had a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold on tight during the tough times. Thus, it would help if you always had someone to smile with and share your happy moments with.

Alan Walker – Alone Video Interpretation

Talking about the video analysis, the start of the video generally starts with the feel of a technological theme based. But slowly, as the video progresses, the actual message of the song comes into the timeline.

The exciting part of the video is that it has been shot in different locations. Different people involved in the video are friends of one another, but they live in various parts of the world. Maximum shots of the video are taken in Norway, London, Berlin, and Paris.

Overall the projection of the video is impressive, which makes it worth watching once.

Have you listened to Alan Walker – Alone

If any of your close friends are not near you and you miss them so much, then dedicate them to this song. Listening to this song once will make you listen to it repeatedly.

About Alan Walker

In addition to being a music producer, Alan Walker is also a DJ. ‘Faded’ was the single that catapulted him to fame. More than ten countries awarded the song platinum status, making it one of the most popular songs.

Walker had a strong interest in computer programming and visual design early in his youth. After hearing about music composers like David Whistle and Hans Zimmer, he became interested in music composition.

He has no formal music composition training. He learned how to make music by watching instructional videos on YouTube. Many other songs were written by Walker following the popularity of “Faded,” including “Spectre,” “Alone,” and “Sing Me to Sleep.”

Alan Walker’s career as a music producer got off to a shaky start. He was utilizing FL Studio on his laptop to begin making music.

He’s also well-known for his unconventional attire. Wearing a sweatshirt and half-face mask, Walker makes his stage debut. He’s on ‘Instagram,’ ‘Facebook,’ and ‘Twitter,’ among other sites.

Alan Walker - Alone
Alone is a hit song by Alan Walker (1997) who is a British-Norwegian DJ and record producer. Download it now and enjoy the music.
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Alan Walker - Alone Review Summary

  • It’s an emotional song to let someone know that you need them
  • Song has a feeling of both happiness and sadness
  • Excessive graphical effects have made the video a little blurry
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