Blackpink – Kill This Love

Kill This Love is written by Teddy Park. It is also close collaboration with the American singer Bekun Boom. These creators have also written songs for Blackpink previously. Therefore, we could assume it would be a hit.

Upon first glance, the song is about self-reflection and empowering women to face their issues. Women, unite!

How to Download Blackpink – Kill This Love

You can download the song from Apple Music via iTunes or from Amazon Music.  Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also another song by Blackpink – Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.

The Song Review

Kill This Love by Blackpink Lyrical Interpretation

The song is about the Blackpink girls terminating their romantic relationships. They do not feel the relationships are ideal anymore. The union is hurting everyone involved in the relationship. The girls have had enough emotional discomfort, and it is time to set free.

Jennie takes the lead by singing:

Hi,” there’s always a bitter “bye.”
After every crazy high, there’s a price you have to pay
There’s no answer to this test; I’ll always fall for it, yes

The lyrics provide an insight into the honeymoon phase while falling in love. Later on, Jennie admits to ending the relationship now she has realized the true face of her lover. Jennie acknowledges falling in love but also says the heartbreak is inevitable. She is putting a price on love which is compassion and forgiveness. Sadly, not everyone can afford these qualities.

The second verse is introduced by Lisa. She is also facing difficulty in maintaining a relationship. The verse implies her lover is respectable. However, she is not ready to give herself to anyone yet. Lisa is not psychologically prepared to fall in love, which is very okay.

As the song continues, we realize each member of Black Pink is facing romance challenges. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose directly communicate with their lover. The lyrics’ interpretation carries the subtext that only the partner will suffer more in the breakup.

The lyric in the song Can be dangerous implies the singers are their partners are not the correct fit. Thus, it is wise to end the relationship rather than exhausting psychologically. The singers also admit the girls Hide their tears after the breakup.

However, a breakup is just another life challenge. The option to Kill This Love is wiser rather than surviving in a relationship where no one is happy. The fourth verse is sung in English lyrics to appeal to the broader market since Blackpink is a K-pop band, a genre born in Korea.

Kill This Love by Blackpink video interpretation

The music video is a creation of Hyun Seung Seo. The video features multiple scenarios where the Blackpink member Rose is driving a car. Here the video goes a little morbid or poetic, depending on how you look at it. Rose is driving to eliminate herself or another version of herself by incorporating elements from Greek Mythology.

The song begins with an anthem-like feel with blue hues in the background. Jennie is wearing a baby doll dress with muted makeup with ponytails on each side. Whereas, Jisso is dressed up with chunky jewelry and a cocktail dress. Rose is seen wearing a crown with loose hair; her dress-up represents supremacy—leading the situation. The Blackpink members switch through frames as the song starts.

The backgrounds change from singing into a fire room to a candy store. We see the music group dancing in an abandoned building with a light beam behind them. The background resembles the current stage of their relationship, but they still remain hopeful.

Let’s Conclude

Kill This Love is a song about toxic relationships where negative outcomes are inevitable. The lyrics represent emotions and mental abuse. Furthermore, the singers directly ask the woman to eliminate their relationships if they are not happy. The song encourages the listeners to find themselves before entering a relationship.

Blackpink - Kill This Love
Kill This Love is a 2019 song by the South Korean girl band Blackpink. Download it now and have fun listening to its electropop sounds.
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