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Summer was released in 2014 in the album Motion with the music video directed by Emil Nava. Upon release, Harris’s sixth hit on the UK charts was a success, a testament to his songwriting and composing skills. The song is composed with G major note with 128 beats per minute. Here is all you need to know about it

How to Download Calvin Harris – Summer

You can download the song from a digital store of your choice such as Amazon Music or Apple Music. Check out also another song by Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came Here For performed with Rihanna.

The Song Review

Summer by Calvin Harris  – the Lyrics

The song is about a summer fling where the artist or a young man has fallen in love with a beautiful woman over the warm months. However, the relationship meets the inevitable end like the summer. Here is a breakdown of the events.

“When I met you in the summer, to my heartbeat’s sound” is the beginning of the relationship. The artist has just met the woman and imagines his future with her. He could feel the heart beating louder in his chest, yearning for a closer connection with her.

“We fall in love as the leaves turned brown” has two meanings. Either the relationship lasted until the fall months, or the connection went awry with “brown”, representing hopelessness and desolation. The two people have fallen distant. As a result, he feels lifeless, like the leaves falling off the trees.

“And we could be together, baby, as long as the skies are blue” implies the couple wishes to work through the rough patch and challenges. The sky is a euphemism for the success they will experience from being together. As long as the two are honest with each other, no victory is too small for them.

“You act so innocently now, but you lied so soon” means betrayal. The girl acted innocent to entice the artist. Yet, her true colors are starting to surface. She has been lying during this entire time. The lover wassoft during the summer, though that was just an act. In actuality, she is conniving and materialistic.

Summer by Calvin Harris – the Video

The entire music video uses shots of summer weather to keep with the theme, with actors dressed in very light and airy clothing. The video begins with the lover’s back and rear on display in sheer lingerie. The shot implies a sexual encounter, either impending or participating during the day.

The artist, Calvin Harris, is the protagonist in the story. He sings about summer and its association with flings and temporary romances. He walks in the desert, searching for answers and reminiscing the events with the girl.

The hiatus or pause in the video from the sexual tension and loneliness is represented with racing cars. Two girls appear in provocative clothing to initiate the racing. During the entire music video, flashbacks maintain the story momentum.

One of the most prominent underlying themes in the music video is feminism. Even though the women are dressed in lingerie, shorts, and low cut tops, it does not question their empowerment. The women and men are seen racing, competing for the finish line. Do you think they are running against each other, or is the distance symbolizing something else?

The video concludes with a party. Maybe it is the last get together for a summer. The camerawork is an aerial view with the Harris and the girl dancing together for the last time.

They feel relieved to be in each other’s presence once again, feeling loved and happy. You will surely dance with the music due to the increasing tempo while captivated with special effects such as laser, lights with champagne drinking in the background.

Listen to Summer Today

Summer lyrics are easy to remember. You can act as the background singer to Harris if you don’t mind the sexual innuendos and provocative clothes. Summer is a fun song to play for young male and female audiences with race cars revving and a cameo from Hollywood star Jason Statham.

Calvin Harris - Summer
Summer is song by the Scottish composer Adam Richard Wiles (1984)) who is known professionally as Calvin Harris. Download it now and enjoy the music.
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