Can’t Stop the Feeling! (from “Trolls”) by Justin Timberlake

Can’t Stop the Feeling was released in 2016 as part of Trolls, a Hollywood movie. It relates to the disco-pop and soul-pop genres. The music is produced and written by Justin Timberlake and Max Martin. Furthermore, Shellback is also on the list of producers. It is a lighthearted song that you must listen to.

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The Song Review

Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake lyric Interpretation

The song begins with a positive feeling. He can feel a good fortune on his way. Timberlake cannot turn off the feeling something outstanding is about to happen to him. The song gradually builds up into more evident lyrics. He can sense the oncoming around him.

Maybe it is a song, perhaps it is special someone? Timberlake instructs his crew to dance to welcome positivity and growth into his life.

Can’t Stop the Feeling is not just another pop song. However, the intention behind the music maybe not be so different—to dance! The feeling Timberlake refers to is compelling him to dance because of the energy traveling through his body. The sentiment is immaculate and represented by upbeat and high-tempo music.

The interpretation of “Feeling good, good, creeping up on you” makes it evident he mentions a romantic interest in the chorus to some extent. We can also safely assume this “feeling” is a result of meeting someone special. Justin Timberlake is anxious to meet his partner and see where the journey takes the two of them. The lyrics imply the love interest also has an interest in dancing. Therefore, Timberlake hopes to take the girl out and show her a good time.

However, the song is not ladies-central. The chorus is the only time he slightly mentions a love interest in the entire piece. The remainder of the song is filled with an invitation to dance, with everyone having a merry time.

Due to the nature of the lyrics,

“I can’t stop the feelin’
So just dance, dance, dance
I can’t stop the feelin’
So just dance, dance, dance
I can’t stop the feelin’
So just dance, dance, dance
I can’t stop the feelin’ (yeah)
So keep dancin’, come on

We can safely assume the implied setting of the song is a dance club. The same dance club where Justin Timberlake’s love interest is present. However, that is just wishful thinking.

As you can tell, the remainder of the song is just repetitive lyrics. Good thing you don’t need lyrics to dance to music, or we would have an issue.

Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake video interpretation

The first setting is a coffee shop with JT, eating a slice of blueberry pie and coffee. As he sings, the frame switches to the waitress dancing. Subsequently,

  • A barber dances outside his hop.
  • Customer dances outside a car wash.
  • And a shop owner dances outside his thrift store.

The video is filled with people dancing and having a good time as an outlet for their feelings. He is surrounded by a group of dancers under a highway bridge.  The majority of the dance moves are hip-hop. However, they dance a lot better if you and I were to do it.

Justin intends to take us on a journey, dancing to numerous locations. The sets include popping moves at Randy’s Donuts, Laundromat, a diner, grocery store, and a flower shop. There are no outfit changes with JT wearing the same white outfit throughout the video. Can’t Stop the Feeling video concludes with JT finishing his coffee meal.

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The upbeat song by JT will undoubtedly put you in a better mood if you were not before. We understand life can take a toll on us, making us feel overwhelmed and depressed. Thankfully, with the right JT song, you can say bye, bye to these unwelcomed feelings. Was that an NSYNC pun, maybe?

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Can't Stop the Feeling! is a song sung by Justin Timberlake that is also a part of the Trolls animated film soundtrack. Download it now.
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